Happy Fall {Bucket List}

Happy Fall Ya'll!  I absolutely love everything there is about summer.  The heat, the green grass and sunshine, and being able to be outside pretty much whenever.  However, fall comes in a very close second.  I have to say, I do love fall.  I just dread the fact that winter follows right behind.  There is something about the cool crisp air, and the leaves changing color that I love.  With it being the official first day of Fall, I thought I would share our Fall Bucket List.

It's nothing huge and elaborate.  It's pretty simple things.  But it's all stuff the girls will love and will look forward to.  And they will also love being able to cross things off our list.  

And with it now officially fall, I *finally* got some of our fall decorations out.  I have never put out lights on our mantle with fall decorations, but I did this year and Alyx thinks it's great!

I found the leaves, with the lights at Hobby Lobby and it actually looks a lot better in person than in the picture.

Thank you to everyone that participated in the Recipe Club linkup yesterday.  You guys shared some amazing recipes.  It's not too late to still link up if you have something to share =) 
So Heather shared her 15 minute chicken fajitas.  I instantly knew I *had* to make them.  They are made in the Pampered Chef baker...and get this....in the microwave!  I made them for dinner last night, and they were a huge hit!  And it really only took 15 minutes!

You can find Heathers recipe for them HERE.
Thank you for sharing this recipe Heather!

And lastly, my blog friend, Justine has recently become a Thirty-One consultant.  If you've never heard of Thirty-One they make some amazing bags and totes.  I have several of them and love each and every one of them.  I am hosting an online Thirty-One party starting today and ending on Sunday September 24th!  If you are interested in ordering something or have questions about their products, please feel free to ask!  You can find the link to order by clicking HERE =) Make sure you then click on "My Parties" in the upper right hand corner and then click on Johannah's Party.  If you have any questions, let me know =)

I hope you all have a great Thursday!! =)

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  1. Your list is full of all of my favorite parts of fall. So much fun!

  2. Your list is pure Fall perfection! Happy 1st Day of Fall, friend!

    1. Happy 1st Day of fall to you as well, Stephanie =)

  3. I HAVE to try those fajitas!! And I love your festive mantle!! When I getting out my fall decorations this weekend!! So excited for our party!! It's going to be lots of fun :)

  4. I'm getting inspired to make my own fall bucket list!

  5. I love the lights on the mantle! I may have to look for that at Hobby Lobby! Looks great!

  6. Love your lighted mantle! That will look so cozy as the evenings get darker in the fall. Great bucket list too!

  7. I need to get on it and make a Fall Bucket list!!
    Jump in a leaf pile might be my favorite. Growing up we used to spend HOURS raking and making piles, and jumping in them. But here? We don't really have trees that drop enough leaves to even consider this. I hope your girls can do this several times this fall!

  8. Go apple picking!!!! Love it! Wish there was a place we could go do that!