Hello Monday

Hello Monday!  And Hello Friends =)  I hope you all had a great weekend.  We had a good weekend despite having to work.  Work has picked up in our workload because college is back in session...and well you know...college kids are being college kids and creating lots of work for us.  But I look at it this way, it's job security! ha!  

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I really don't have much of a weekend recap as we worked all weekend.  I did manage to get to the park Saturday evening with the girls and some friends.  I am sooo going to miss these evenings when it starts getting cold out!  

Today my post is a bit different.  The other day a blogger friend, Desiree, forwarded me an e-mail from another blogger.  It really touched me and I wanted to pass along the info to all of you as well.  September is Pediatric Cancer Awareness month.  Brittany who blogs over at Just another day in Paradise, has a neighbor who's child Noah, passed away from cancer.  I can't even begin to fathom and imagine what these families and children go through.  Brittany's neighbor, Noah, who was only 6 years old when he passed away realized very quickly how boring plain old skin colored band-aids were on his body.  Noah started a drive to collect fun band-aids and distributed them to a children's hospital in Kansas City.  I know that my girls just love the fun printed and character band-aids!  They make "booboo's" much prettier as Emma used to say.  Brittany came up with the idea to get the Blogging world involved in this as well.  She has decided to collect band-aids, and then will give them to her neighbors to deliver to a Children's hospital.  So here is where we as bloggers come in to play.

Go out with your children, 
or if you don't have kids, go by yourself 
and pick up a few boxes of fun/character 
band-aids and take a few pictures.  

If you are interested in participating in this, please e-mail me at sirois.family@yahoo.com and I will pass along the address where to send the band-aids.

Brittany also said to feel free to have your kids write notes and or cards to send as well.  

If you take pictures while doing this, on Wednesday September 28th publish a post about your experience doing this.  Alyx is still too young to understand this, but Emma will really enjoy making a little girl or little boy who is very ill's day a bit brighter.   

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask and I will do my best to answer it.

Have a good Monday =)


  1. Thank you so much for sharing this info with me! The kids and I are excited about being a part of a great cause! Happy Momday sweet friend.

  2. I picked up my band-aids today and plan to mail them this weekend.

  3. This reminds me I need to get some bandaids in the mail asap when we get back home! Thanks foe sharing this.

  4. This reminds me I need to get some bandaids in the mail asap when we get back home! Thanks foe sharing this.