Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!!! The weekend is almost here, and though I work this weekend, I'm still glad it's here.  Linking up as always today with Narci, Andrea and Erika =)

Our week was filled with softball, and softball, and well more softball.  I'm not sure I mentioned it previous, but Emma's team *finally* won a game!  They are such a new team and pretty much everyone on it, it's their first year playing.  Emma has so enjoyed playing this season =)

I love coffee.  Have I mentioned that before?  ha ;)  I also have an obsession with the Starbucks you are here mugs.  Have I mentioned that before too?? haha  A co-worker went on vacation last week and brought me home a new mug =)

I love having these mugs from all over the country =)

My first day off after working is usually a morning/afternoon of Alyx and I running errands.  She loves going to the store.  Now I can't say she is always an angel while we're running errands, but for the most part she is pretty good.

All dressed and ready to hit a few stores =) 
And of course we always stop for coffee too!

I'm absolutely loving the new Dunkin Donuts Almond Joy iced coffee.  If you like coffee, and almond joy candy are sure to love this!

For several weeks now I have been "car shopping".  I honestly wasn't sure what I wanted, but I did know I wanted to get rid of our van.  It's not that I hated the van, but we started having a few problems with it and nothing stresses me out more than car problems.  Okay, daycare issues stress me out more, but car problems comes in a very close second!  I went back and forth with a couple of different vehicles and yesterday we sat at a dealership for what seemed like forever.  It was pretty mcuh all morning/afternoon we were there.  

Why do they make this process so long!?!  Anyway, I left the dealership with a new SUV.

It's the new Ford Escape.  I pretty much love it.  It's obviously much smaller than my van, but Brian has an Explorer that has a 3rd row seat, so in reality I didn't need anything big.  Alyx got in it after I picked her up from daycare and she was so funny!  It has a full moonroof that goes the entire length of the roof and she kept saying "look!  I can see through the roof!" haha =)  It was cute =)

Don't forget Heather from My Glittery Heart and I have a new Recipe Club linkup that is starting on the 15th of this month!!

We will be liking up the 3rd Wednesday of every month, so I hope you will join us!  It's a great way to share some recipes that you and your family love!  And it's almost summer time, so if you have a really good summer recipe, share it with us! =) 

This week I linked up with some fun linkups!  One of them was Pinspiration Wednesday.  I love this linkup.  Justine, Erica and Leigh host this fun linkup.  You can check our my post this week, HERE.

And I also linked up with Andrea and Erika for Let's talk.  You can find that post as well, HERE.

I hope you all have a great Friday and weekend!!!  See you back here on Monday!! =)  

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