Hello Monday

Hello!  And Happy Monday =)  We seriously had the best weekend here!!  Link up your Monday post with me =)

We could not have asked for better weather this weekend.  It was amazing!  So Saturday we packed the car up bright and early and headed to southern Maine. We took the girls to the Maine Wildlife Park.  We had never been before, and it was great!  All the animals that are there are "maine" animals, and they were all found either injured or abandoned by their mother.  

Before we headed in we had to take pictures of course =)  The animals were amazing to see so up close.

An Albino deer was pretty neat to see for sure =)

The bears were really neat to see so close up.  The girls were able to feed them through a tube that catapulted the food to the ground.  They thought it was so cool =)

The mountain lions were beautiful, but they were being super lazy and they never got off their perch!  I wanted to see them run around! ha!

We took a little break and had popsicles =)

The moose were gigantic, and they too were lazy and just laying around.

We really had a great time, and it was fun to get away for a day.  We had an early dinner and then made the 3 hour drive home.  When we got home the girls played in the backyard and Brian and I enjoyed a camp fire and drinks. 

I hope you all had a great weekend as well.  And have a great Monday!!  See you back here tomorrow =)
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  1. Looks like an awesome trip! We have something similar to that here called The Yellow River Game Ranch! They take in injured animals and you can walk around and see them up close and feed them! So much fun!

  2. That looks like a fun place to visit!

  3. Our weekend was so low-key because C's been sick BUT I can't wait to get out and explore some this Summer. Your post makes me itch for a road trip to see some animals.

  4. I just love peacocks! And what a cool looking moose. I need to take the girls to more zoos too. Looks like a fun weekend.

  5. I'm so glad you had a great weekend! I love the pictures! XOXO

  6. Maine is so pretty and so are your cute girls. Love the gigantic moose at the zoo too!