Life Lately

Happy Wednesday Friends!  We have had some some amazing weather around here and busy days.  So let's recap life lately a little =)

Emma is doing virtual summer school this summer.  Basically, she gets assignments on Monday morning from her teacher, and then she logs onto a website and she has a week to complete the assignments.  

She also has the option of going to the school during the morning/afternoon for a few hours and working on it.  She went yesterday for a couple of hours and got most of her work done.  And she had fun which is a plus =)

The first day of Summer we celebrated with Starbucks drinks and cake pops!

We also enjoyed an afternoon at the pool =)

And after the pool we had pizza for dinner out on our front porch.

Yesterday we went to a local restaurant for lobster rolls.  My parents came down and we were able to spend a late Father's Day with my dad. 

$5.00 lobster rolls! So so good!!

Emma bit into a lemon and her face was priceless! =)

That afternoon Emma, my mom and I went shopping.

We ended the afternoon with Starbucks...again =)

And last night, Brian and I went out for drinks and apps with a friend who was home from North Carolina.  It had been forever since we had seen him, so it was nice to get out for an evening.

I hope you all have a great Wednesday!!! 


  1. Pizza on the porch!! So fun!! And five dollar lobster rolls?? I need to come visit you in Maine! So glad you're having a great week!!

  2. Summer school? Is she a huge fan of school or this a requirement? I've never heard of someone doing Summer school unless they are either homeschooled or in public school and are behind. I'm totally interesting because I'm a school lovin' nerd :)

    1. Virtual summer school was something Emma decided completely on her own that she wanted to do. It isn't because she is behind or anything. Her elementary school offers it for all students. They make it fun and at the end of the session they can earn stuff for their classrooms, such as a pizza party or outdoor learning for a day. It's just a way to keep the kids learning and not forgetting anything over the summer. So far she loves it =)

    2. I was going to ask the same question! That is really cool that they offer that as an option!

  3. We have a similar thing for Zachary to log in and do summer math, but he hasn't done any. Ooops.

  4. Awe look at you and your little mini version! So sweet and what a great way to bring in summer!

  5. Five dollar lobster rolls??? What??? I'm so jealous! And there is nothing better than pizza on the patio after a long day of swimming. I'm glad you guys are enjoying your summer.

  6. Such a fun Summer in the making! I've never had a lobster roll, but these look amazing!! How do we ship those to TN?