Tuesday Talk {Fathers Day Gift Ideas}

Hi!  Happy Tuesday!  In honor of this Sunday being Father's Day, I thought I would share some Father's Day Gift Ideas for you!  First off, i'll share a little funny with you.  Brian and I love the TV Show Fixer Upper, have I mentioned that before?  No?  Probably not, haha.  Anyway, we love it.  So I went on their online store and ordered a t-shirt for Brian.  I was so excited when it finally arrived the other day.  And I knew he was going to like it. 

It was perfect, except they sent me a size small!  Ugh.  Well, I can't blame them for sending me a small because after looking at my order confirmation I realized I was the one that clicked size small by a mistake :/  So rather than sent it back, Emma is now the proud new owner of a #shiplap shirt.  Her friends aren't going to have any idea what it means, but to be honest, Emma loves the show just as much as we do.  So back online I went and ordered the correct size for Brian.  I'm pretty sure it won't be here by Sunday now though.  Oh well.

Anyway...moving on to some ideas for Father's day gifts.  So my first gift idea is the YETI tumbler!  Have you heard of these cups?  Brian has had one for a while now, and Emma has one as well.  They are really amazing at keeping things hot and cold.  Ice stays for hours upon hours in it.

I ordered decals on Etsy for Brian and Emma for theirs so they are a little more personalized.  If you click on the source under the pictures it will bring you to the link! 

Gift cards!  If your father/hubby is anything like my husband he would love a gift card.  Especially to Home Depot or Lowes!

Brian can always find something at either place to buy.  Or save them until something comes up at the house and we need to purchase something.  Always a good idea!!

How about a year subscription to Netflix?  We love Netflix and I know my dad loves it as well!
One thing I have done for my dad in the past is go to a local brewery and purchase a six pack of assorted beers.  They were all ones that I was pretty sure he hadn't tried and it was a big hit!  I know our local grocery store even has a place where you can mix and match and create your own 6 pack.

How about a new grill set?  Brian is an excellent griller.  And so is my dad.  They both ave something similiar to this grill set.  Except Brians is Pampered Chef brand, and I searched and didn't see that they still have the set we have.

So there are a few ideas for you!  Any of these I am certain the men in your life will love =)

And my last reminder before tomorrow!  Heather and I are hosting our first Recipe Club tomorrow!  Be sure to grab our graphic and link up with us tomorrow!!  

Have a great day everyone!

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