December {Tuesday Talk}

Happy Tuesday!! And also, Welcome December!! =)

Now that it's December 1st, it's going to be all things Christmas from here on out! haha =)  
I'm ready for Christmas lights, pj's and hot cocoa =)  Alyx is so funny, when I pick her up from daycare around 4:30 it's dark.  Last evening on our way home a lot of people had their Christmas lights on and she was in the back seat saying "Lights!" "Pretty!" It was really cute =)  

Patch has been a silly ole' Elf these days.  Emma likes to get up in the mornings with me on the days I work.  I know, super early at 4:45, but she enjoys snuggling on the couch and watching tv.  So this morning she looked all over for Patch, and she couldn't find him.  Well low and behold, he was hanging out in the bathroom this morning....

Fishing in the sink this morning for Gold fish =)  I can't take credit for coming up with this idea though.
Emma thought this was sooo funny!  However, with one bathroom it made getting ready for work this morning interesting.  She insisted on leaving this like this until Brian got home from work =)
My post from yesterday has the last 4 days of what Patch has been up to, and you can find that HERE.

I'm excited because today is the first day of the Christmas 2015 Photo Challenge.  Stephanie from Wife Mommy Me is hosting this.

Be sure to check out her blog!!

Also, don't forget that myself Jenny from The Chronicles of We and Justine from Full Hands Full Heart are co-hosting an Christmas Ornament Show & Tell.

Be sure to link up with us on December 7th and show off all of your favorite Christmas Tree Ornaments.  Stories behind the ornaments are always fun to hear about too!!

Hope you all have a great Tuesday!  I'm linking up today with some fabulous bloggers for "Tuesday Talk"

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