Christmas Ornament Show & Tell {2015}

Today is the day!  We are linking up and showing off our favorite Christmas Ornaments.  I've been excited about today, and thank you to Justine and Jenny for co-hosting along with me =)

I have a ton of favorites, but I'm just going to show off the ones that have some meaning to them.  

When we go on vacation we always try to find an ornament to bring home.  Especially when we are at Disney =)  The first year we brought Emma was in 2009.  She was 2 almost 3 and was obsessed with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  So she picked out a Mickey ornament.

Brian and I honeymooned at Disney...shocked right?!?  And of course we picked out an ornament at the Magic Kingdom.

This ornament gets packaged up at the end of Christmas like you wouldn't believe! haha  If it ever breaks, I think I will probably cry.

My dads side of the family is Swedish, and when I was younger my grandmother gave me this Swedish ornament.

And since my grandmother passed away earlier this year, it definitely holds a special place in my heart now.

When we bought our first home (and only) home, I found the perfect ornament!

I think this ornament is just so cute =)

When Emma was just 1, we did her handprint on an ornament.

I can't get over how little her hand was!!

Brian and I were engaged in December of 2005 in NYC.  I found the perfect ornament while we were there.

These are the angels they have at Rockafeller Center.  I love this ornament.

When Emma was younger she was obsessed with the Polar Express.  And I mean obsessed! 
My mom found this ornament for her at Hallmark back a few years ago.

She still loves the Polar Express, just not quite as much as she did ;)

This one reminds me of my home where I grew up.  I grew up near a Mountain and a State Park.  When I moved out into my first apartment, my parents bought this for me.  It will always have a place on our tree.

This one was Brians before he and I were together, and I love it.  It's a really neat paper machete police uniform.

Brian's mother let the girls pick out some ornaments from her house, and these are the ones they chose this year.

Emma chose this old fashioned Santa with the baseball glove.  I guess when Brian was little he loved it =)  Emma put it right on her tree in her room.
And she also picked out this one for Alyx.

That's Brian when he was little =) hehe

And lastly...this is definitely one of all of our favorites...

I love this ornament, and it was just one that I found in a kiosk at the mall and had them personalize it for us. 
I hope you all enjoyed this linkup as much as I did.  And thank you again Justine & Jenny for co-hosting!!