Happy Monday!

Happy Monday!!  The weekend went by so fast...but we have a super busy week ahead of us.  Can you believe that Christmas is only 4 days away!  Crazy!  We still have so much to do...and I have not wrapped one.single.gift.  It will get done very soon though =)
This weekend was not the best.  Saturday morning I had to be at work at 4:00am.  At 2:00 am Alyx woke up making a weird coughing sound, and then she got really sick.  She vomited so many times between 2am and 8am.  By 8am, she was exhausted.  She slept pretty much all day long and I thought for sure she wouldn't sleep at all Saturday night.  But she did.  11 hours at that!  She is sooo much better now.  I'm just hoping that it skips the rest of us.  

Speaking of Christmas, we have watched so many Christmas movies and shows this year.
The girls favorite thing to do in the evening is get in their pj's and snuggle up on the couch with a movie and popcorn.

These girls love their matching Christmas pajamas as much as I do =)  Alyx gets ugly in the evenings if she doesn't have "matchin" jammies, hehe =)

Emma had a basketball game yesterday!  I wasn't able to go because I had to work, but my parents brought her =)

Emma's team won 45-13!!  They have won all of their games so far this season.  They have a great little team =)  

So what's Patch been up to?  I'm sure you all very curious!

This morning we found him like this in the bathroom....

He made a snowman for the girls.  Too cute!

Friday morning he left Emma a Santa cup =)  Saturday morning he left the girls a new movie and a popcorn/candy bucket.  Emma LOVED that!  And Sunday Patch was hanging out in our freezer.  But he was warm with his new hat, scarf and mittens ;) 

I hope you all have a GREAT Monday!!! =)