Happy Day, Friends!  Our morning started out much earlier than normal.  And we went to bed later than normal as well.  So a nap is in order today I think ;)

Yesterday morning I got to work, and opened up my locker door and this pretty little thing was staring back at me...

Yes!  I love love love these Starbucks mugs!  Like seriously, my most favorite mugs ever =)  My boss and a co-worker went on a business trip last week to Salt Lake City, UT, and when they went passed a Starbucks they saw these and picked one up for me =)  I love it! 

Last night Alyx was determined that she was not going to fall asleep.  I put her to bed and heard her singing, and then talking, and then rolling around.  I was sitting in the living room and someone has posted this on Facebook and I started laughing, because the timing of it was absolutely perfect!

LOL, so very true!!! 

Today is "National Walk to School Day".  The "Emma's" both walked to school this morning.  We had to be at our city park at 7am, so they could walk with their teachers and principle.  

We have a crazy busy day ahead of us!  Emma has after school "book binding club".  They have some pretty awesome free after school programs at the school.  Emma chose book binding, and is really excited about it.  We also have parent/teacher conferences this evening, and Emma has a field hockey game this evening.  And it's going to be cold!

I love that these girls love Field Hockey so much!!!  =)

Don't forget!  Today is the LAST day to sign up for our Fall blog swap that myself, Desiree & Bri are hosting!!  You can find the original post HERE

I hope you all have a fab day!!!


  1. How sweet of your coworkers to pick up that mug for you!
    And that meme about drunk friend and 2-year olds is spot on. Hahahaha!!
    Can't wait to see who everyone is paired up with for the exchange!!

  2. I was just in Starbucks on Sunday and saw the Indianapolis version of your mug- they really are such a fun mug! And a great gift!

  3. Sounds like they definitely keep you busy. How cool that your school has such neat programs and the walk to school thing is awesome too. I love when educators make learning fun!