Friday Favorites

Happyyyy Fridayyyy!  I'm linking up today with Narci, Andrea & Erika for, Friday Favorites!

We are almost done with Emma's Field Hockey Season...I'm so glad she played again this year, and she has only improved since last season.  And she has had fun playing as well =)

They had a game the other night under the lights, and they had a blast!!  Two more weeks, and then it's basketball season.

I have found my favorite fall/winter nailpolishes and I can see rotating through all of these for the next few months.

If you haven't tried the Sally Hansen miracle Gel top must!  I'm telling you it's really amazing!  

I really can't say this is a favorite of mine this week, but at least we are able to laugh about it now.  Brian and I decided to drive out to camp the other day, and while on the way there this happend to us.

Hey, at least we were able to spend a couple of hours together with nothing to do, Ha =)

After we got back into town, I treated myself to Dunkins' Caramel Macchiato...amazing!

If you've not tried it yet...try it =)  You won't be disappointed.

 I've slowly started to redo Emma's room a bit.  Yesterday she decided to decorate the top of her dresser.  I think she did a great job =)

I love how she has her pictures displayed =)  She's too cute. 

One of my favorite moments of this week, was last Saturday having coffee with my little lady =)

After her field hockey game the other night, Emma said to Brian she "really needed a salted caramel hot cocoa".  He told her he would bring her to Dunkin Donuts, and her reply was "But it's not Starbucks" Hehe =)  She is JUST like me in so many ways =)

My best friends mom monograms, and these cute little onesies came in the mail the other day =)

A friend of mine is having a baby very soon and these cute little onesies are for her princess =)

And lastly today...

Have a great Friday and weekend!!!


  1. Hooray for coffee dates and Fridays! That's such a cute snap of you and your girl! :) I'm sure your friend will love the adorable monogrammed onesies! :) Have a fabulous weekend! - Brenda // Chatting Over Chocolate

  2. Love the monogrammed onesies!! What are your thoughts on Sally Hansen's Gel Top Coat? I recently got it for my mom for her birthday and she wasn't impressed with it. Have you ever tried Essie's Gel Top coat? It is supposed to be fabulous! Hope you have a great weekend and fingers crossed no flat tires on the way out to your camp! :)

    1. I LOVE the Sally Hansen gel top coat!! But then again, I have never tried Essie. I should break down and try it so that I can compare the two =)

  3. Cute, cute onesies! I love all things monogrammed! Happy weekend!!!!