Friday Favorites

Happyyyy Friday!!! Linking up with the fabulous Narci, Andrea & Erika, for Friday Favorites =)  My fav linkup of the week =)

Did I mention that it's Friday??  Andd, we are also into October now!! 

The weather here has changed for the weekend and is no longer suppose to rain! Yay!  I'm hoping we get to the pumpkin patch with the girls and maybe a walk on the bog walk.

It is definitely starting to look like Fall around here.  The leaves are changing so fast, it's crazy!

I love this season and all the colors it brings =)

Well, we can check off baking Fall cookies off our bucket list!  Emma made pumpkin chip cookies, completely by herself the other night.  I put the recipe out for her, and got all of the ingredients out and she made them!

She's definitely going to be a good cook when she grows up.  While she was cooking she said to me, "Momma, I want to be able to cook as good as you when I grow up" Awww, made my heart smile when she said this =)

The sunset last night at our house was unbelievable.  

The colors went away so quickly.

On Tuesday, Brian and I were having wayyy too much fun with Alyx at Target ;)

We were laughing so hard, and there were a couple of people behind me that could not believe she would actually keep it on =)

Did anyone watch the season premiere of Chicago PD???  Eeeek!  

All I can say, is, it's going to be a great season!!

Lastly, today, if you missed my post from Yesterday, Myself, Desiree from Macke Monologues, and Bri from School in Our Slippers are hosting a Fall Swap!

It's so fun to do swaps with other bloggers and get to know them.  And bonus you will get a nice little box of goodies =)  If you are interested in joining in on the fun, let me know!!! =)

I hope you all have a great Friday and Weekend!!!


  1. LOOVED watching Chicago PD this week!! So glad it is back on!! Now just a couple more weeks until Chicago Fire is back! :) Have a great weekend!

  2. I miss the changing colors of leaves.
    That sunset is amazing!!
    Chicago PD was gooooood. This season is going to be a good one.
    Super excited for the swap!!

  3. The leaves changing are my favorite part too. Sadly, we don't see it as much where we live compared to when we were back in WI. Emma is so sweet! And, seriously I hope you bought that mask for Alyx, hahahaha!

  4. I wish our leaves would start changing. I love the Fall colors too
    That sunset is amazing, just gorgeous!