Fall Blog Swap {2015}

Ok, Ladies!!  Who enjoys a good blog swap?!?  I've done a few swaps, and have loved every single one of them!  I mean, who doesn't love getting a little box of goodies in the mail?!?  I, along with Desiree, from Macke Monologues, and Bri, from School In Our Slippers, are hosting a Fall Blog Swap =)

I was so excited that Desiree & Bri both agreed to co-host with me =)  So, here is the deal ladies...

* This swap is open to all bloggers that have a US address
* If you are interested, send an e-mail to blogswap2015@yahoo.com.  Include the following in your email:
Full Name.  Email address. And a link to your blog. 
* We are leaving this open until October 8th, and at that time partners will be randomly paired.
* We will email you with your partners information.  At that point you will have 48 hours to contact your partner.
* We are limiting this swap to $20 **before shipping**. 
* All packages will need to be mailed by October 21st, and then on October 28th, we will link back here to show off all of our goodies!  If you have any questions at all, please feel free to email and ask!!!  

Remember, get to know your partner.  Find out their likes/dislikes.  And make it fun!! 

Enjoy Ladies!!


  1. Posted about it on my blog and looking forward to it!! :)

  2. I should start blogging again just to do this!

  3. This sounds so fun! Thanks for hosting!

  4. Ok, this sounds like a blast!! Sending an e-mail. <3

  5. Fun! I joined up! After all, if it wasn't for a blog swap, I wouldn't have 'met' you! :o)