Wednesday {Randoms}

Oh weekend, why aren't you here yet?!?  It's only Wednesday and it feels like it's been a long week already.  I think it's beacause Monday was a Holiday.

I saw these on Pinterest, and I thought they were cute and wanted to share =)  

Can I just tell you all how much I love Alyx's curls!?!  I hope she keeps them forever!

Her hair is completely crazy at all times...and I'm certain it will never be long enough for ponytails...but the curls...I'm in love <3

Emma had some really cute help yesterday afternoon with her homework...

She layed there the entire time with Emma while she did her homework.  =)
I just have to say how excited I was when Emma brought her math homework yesterday...they are learning the traditional way of multiplication this week...and this makes me ohhh sooo happy!  The new way of math aka Common Core may work, but not for this momma!  So for her to bring this math home, I was excited! ha! =)

Have a great Wednesday all!! =)