Thoughts for Thursday {9-02-2015}

Happy Thursday, Friends!  We are almost to the weekend =)  I'm linking up with Annie & Natalie today for, Thoughts for Thursday.

Summer vacation may have officially ended for us, but our summer weather has not!  This week has been fantastic weather wise, and this weekend doesn't look like it's going to disappoint at all!!  I'm looking forward to it since Brian and I are both off this weekend.  

This week we have been battling a sickness with Alyx.  She came down with a fever on Sunday, and as of today she still keeps getting a fever.  We have taken her to the doctor twice.  I left work today to bring her back in to see her doctor, and it's just a virus that will eventually go away on it's own.  I really don't like when she's not feeling well. 

Hopefully in the next day or two she will be back to her normal self!!

Emma is LOVING school so far.  I know we are only into the 4th day, but she has come home the last 3 afternoons and said how much she has enjoyed it!  I hope the rest of the school year is as great as the last couple days have been =)

I can't get over how grown up she is looking.  Like seriously, all of a sudden she looks so old!  Time needs to slow down!!  

The girls have so much fun playing in the backyard.  The other night after dinner, we headed out to play on the swings.  Alyx at that moment in time was feeling well, and seemed up to it.  It was shortly after we came back inside she went down hill again.  The pictures don't even show she didn't feel well.

She could swing on this thing!!!

Those big blueberry eyes =)  I hope they are always this blue.

And Emma's freckles.  I <3 them.  And I hope she forever keeps them!

The girls had so much fun looking for grasshoppers =)

I hope you all have a *Great* Thursday!  =)


  1. Hope Alyx is feeling better soon! So glad Emma is loving school! Love Alyx's tank!!!

  2. Poor Alyx, I hope she's feeling better soon! There is nothing worse than having a sick babe.
    Your girls are just beautiful!!