Emma's 9th Birthday Party

When I asked Emma what she wanted to do for her 9th Birthday party, she instantly said, "Harry Potter!"  Shocking.  She is obsessed with the books and movies.  And did you know you cannot find any Harry Potter stuff in the stores?  Most everything we put together ourselves or bought online.  I think her party was adorable, and she had sooooo much fun!!!

I think her cake was my favorite part =)  I had a friend make it and I think she did an amazing job with it!

I made a "wanted" poster for all the kids to have their picture taken with.  They had a lot of fun with it =)

We had some good laughs doing this too =)

The funniest picture of the day is when I made Emma look like Harry Potter ;)

Oh my gosh, we laughed and laughed at this.  She totally looked like him!

Each of the kids got a goodie bag filled with a broom pen, a package of Bertie Botts every flavor bean, Harry Potter Glasses, and wand.

We had fun making the wands, and thanks to my mom for putting together these great goodie bags!

Emma got some great gifts too, and now I need to find room for all the new stuff she got!!  We had a really great weekend and had fun celebrating Emma's birthday =)

Happy Monday everyone!!!!


  1. I love Harry Potter too! I'm like a big kid. You did an awesome job with the party! :)

  2. Emma's party looked so fun, you did an amazing job!

  3. What a fun birthday party!! Love all the details!!

  4. I saw some of the pictures on IG and just LOVED everything you did to make Emma's party so perfect. All the details were spot on! Great job momma!

  5. This party looks *awesome*! I have these books on my list to give Rylee for Christmas. I hope she loves them because I sure did. Did Emma's friends know H.P.? Your food and decor turned out fantastic!!! Is your friend a professional baker; that cake is so great!

  6. Ok you are like the coolest mom ever, a Harry Potter party would be amazing (and this one looks super amazing!!) She makes a great HP hahah :) That cake is amazing/perfect!! What an awesome party!!!
    xo, Candace | Lovely Little Rants

  7. You did such an amazing job with Emma's Harry Potter birthday party!!! She is one lucky little girl!! :) So glad she had such a special day!