Thoughts for Thursday =)

Happy Happy Thursday Friends!  

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This morning was a very rare weekday morning that Brian and I were both able to sit and enjoy a cup of coffee together =)

He is leaving on Sunday for a week for training.  He'll be gone to Cape Cod, Massachusetts...what an amazing place for training!  I'm just a tad bit jealous ;)  It's been a while since he has been away from us for that long, and Emma is having a hard time with it.  And he will be gone on her actual Birthday, so I think she's kind of struggling a bit with that.  But we will make it through and he will be home next weekend for her party =)

Doesn't everyone have a baby that sits on the kitchen table?!?  And yes...that "bubba" and "paci" are going to be hard to break her of.  We haven't quite started yet...but soon!

 So back to Emma's birthday party.  Shockingly enough she has chosen a Harry Potter theme.  Not many of her friends are into Harry Potter, but Emma is a bit obsessed.  I really wanted all the kids to have a wand, but they are expensive!!  The one Emma got at Harry Potter Land in Florida cost my parents $40.  I got looking around on Pinterest, and found a way to make them myself.

 I think they came out super cute!  Brian went to the hardware store for me and bought me some wooden dowels and spray paint.  He cut them for me, and then I just covered one end in hot glue in different designs, and then he spray painted them for me.  I think the kids will like them =)

 I have a few more Harry Potter ideas, and now I just need to make them this week! ha =)
Happy Thursday everyone! =)


  1. We vacationed in Cape Cod as a family while I was growing up- you are right- what an amazing place to be for training!! And way to go on making your own Harry Potter wands- they look great!!

  2. The wands are awesome! Can't wait to see what else you come up with.