Friday Favorites {9/18/2015}

It's Fridayyyy!!!  And that means I'm linking up with Narci, Andrea & Erika for Friday Favorites!  Lots of favorites this week!!

It's been a long week, but after being away for the entire hubby is coming home TONIGHT!! Yay!  The girls are beyond excited to see him.  And thank god for FaceTime!  Seriously, what did we do without it before?!?  The girls looked forward to every evening before bed because they were able to FaceTime with him.  

Emma started Field Hockey on Tuesday night!   She loves this sport, and we enjoy watching her.  She learned a lot last year, and she will learn even more this year.

Compared to last year, they have a really big team.  We're definitely looking forward to her games this season =)

Emma had her open house at school this week.  We were able to meet with her teacher, and had dinner at her school.  I had to pick out Emma's desk...

Emma's was VERY colorful ;)   

After dinner I brought Emma to SweetFrog as a surprise.  She just loves that place =)

We're gearing up for Emma's birthday party on Sunday.  It's all about Harry Potter =)  This girl is obsessed with HP people!  I've never seen anything like it before.  But it's a good thing to be obsessed about =)

The wands are complete, goodie bags are stuffed...and she cannot wait until Sunday =)

I love reading book recommendations from other bloggers.  These are two books that I am going to highly recommend!

These were both great reads!  

And lastly....

Have a great weekend!!! =)


  1. I am so glad your hubby is coming home today! I can only imagine how much you have missed him! I hope Emma has a wonderful looks like it is going to be so much fun!!

  2. Yay for Brian getting home today! Woo hoo! Can't wait to hear all about Emma's party! I bet it's going to be so much fun! Happy weekend, Johannah!

  3. WOOHOO for Brian coming home!!
    Emma's party looks like it's going to be a blast. Can't wait to hear all about it!
    Have a great weekend!