Fall {2015} Bucket List

Happy Monday, Friends!  I hope you all had a great weekend.  We had cooler temps this weekend, which made it feel much more like fall.  This coming week we are suppose to have summer like weather again though =)

We have an incredibly busy busy week ahead of us.  Hubby left yesterday for a week of training in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, so we will be flying around here like crazy this week without him.  Just this week Emma has, Field Hockey, Band, Open house at school, her BIRTHDAY, Girl Scouts..and well right now I can't think of anything else.  We will be busy that's for sure. 

So I have never done a bucket list before.  And to be honest I was kind of afraid that we would put stuff on our "bucket" list that wouldn't get done, and then I would be disappointed. Ha!  So anyway, I decided to make one up this weekend, and I showed it to Emma last night and had her change anything she didn't want to do/wanted to do.  So here is our Fall {2015} Bucket List.

I plan on printing this off this week and hanging it on our fridge.  I'll have Emma check things off as we do them, and I think we will both have fun with it =)

Emma and I love to bake.  And I hope by letting her help me in the kitchen, it will someday make her a really good cook.  I remember cooking in the kitchen with my mom and grandmother.  Saturday night we made Pumpkin Chocolate muffins.  And seriously, most easiest recipe in the world!

1 box chocolate cake mix
1 can of pumpkin
1 cup of chocolate chips
350 degrees for 15 minutes

This recipe is courtesy of Shay @ Mix and Match Mama =)  She is seriously one of my most favorite bloggers, and her recipes are ah-mazing! =)  I hope she never stops blogging and continues to share recipes!

Sometimes I have to ask myself if Alyx is really only 1 1/2.  She is young, but man this girl knows what she wants!  These shoes, she refuses to take them off.  Once she falls asleep at night I have to quietly take them off her.  She LOVES them!

She's so funny =)

I dropped Alyx off at daycare this morning, and Emma off at school...and I am having a day to myself today =)  I think all Mom's need this once in a while. 

Alyx was still tired, hehe =)  Happy Monday!


  1. Love your Fall bucket list! This reminds me I have to get ours done too! Enjoy your alone day, they are definitely needed for all Moms!

  2. You have such a busy week! Enjoy your day alone today!!!

  3. I think your bucket list is perfect and so "do-able!" I need to make those chocolate pumpkin muffins for my oldest daughter....she LOVES chocolate!! Hope you have a great week!

  4. Your bucket list looks like so much fun, and totally do-able to checking all the items off!! I love that you have Emma in on the action by helping cross each item off.
    I made those pumpkin muffins last year, and they were a big hit with Marcus. I'll have to have him help me make them!