What's Up Wednesday

Happy Wednesday Friends!

2 more days of work, and then it's the weekend!  So today, let's recap a bit!

Did you know the other day was national Ice Cream day??  Well, we of course celebrated that!  After dinner Emma and I made ice cream sundaes, and they were delish!

 Alyx most certainly has a BFF.  

These two are seriously the best of friends.  Gunner loves Alyx like no other!

Yesterday morning I woke up to the smell of breakfast cooking!  Brian was off from work and cooked a huge breakfast.  Emma came flying into our bedroom and said " you need to get up right now!" haha  

We had a bit of everything!  It was really good too =)

The difference between Emma and Alyx at the age Alyx is now, is like complete night and day.  Emma was always very quiet and sweet...and Alyx...she's just crazy!  She has us laughing all day long.

She had to have this headband on, and Emma gave her a ringpop lollipop.  She just came walking back and forth on the porch and looking at us like this.  She's such a ham!

She was in baby prison!

We met my parents for lunch yesterday afternoon, so we took a picture in the car before going in =)

Later in the day we headed to the farmers market and then to Target with my mother in law.  The girls were spoiled with a new baby doll for each of them that my mother in law bought for them.

They love them!  

And my pepper plant and is doing sooo good people!!!

So now I finally have some veggies!  Tomatoes are still green, but they will ripen soon =)

I love love love that Alyx will sit while Emma reads to her.  These two have such a bond that it makes my heart smile all the time.  

I made up my lunch for work last night.  All the veggies came from our local farmers market!

And last night after both girls were to bed , I treated myself to a glass of moscato and some tv! =)

Happy Wednesday!!


  1. Isn't it funny how different our kids can be from each other?! And yay for big breakfasts! I love the weekends Hoe is home and does those!!

  2. We missed National Ice Cream Day (not for lack of trying - someone wasn't behaving well, so we all missed out on the deliciousness), BUT we've more than made up for it the past couple nights. :)
    How sweet of Brian to make you breakfast. It all looks so good! And how funny Emma came rushing to wake you.
    Love seeing Alyx and her pup. There's nothing sweeter.