Summer Days

Before summer started, I made a vow that on my days off I would get out of the house with the girls and actually go and do fun summer things.  I thought about doing a "bucket" list and cross things off as we go, however if we didn't get to some of the things on the list this summer then I would feel guilty, so we have kind of done things on a whim this summer!  And we've had so much fun! 

So let's back up to the 4th of July.  It was pretty low key this year, but we had a lot of fun still.  The girls and I went to my parents for their towns parade and then my mom had a bbq for her side of the family.  Brian wasn't able to go since he had to work.

That pretty much sums up our life.

I almost always do some cute 4th of July shirt for the girls, but this year I didn't.  The girls were still dressed pretty cute I think =)

The girls loved the parade, and met up with their cousins.

I was terrible and I think this is really the only picture I took at the parade.  Emma & her cousin Madison.  

The kids spent the entire day in the pool.  I mean  

Emma is so tan from all the swimming she has done!
Em stayed the rest of the weekend with my parents and we picked her up on Monday.  She had a lot of fun, but she said she was ready to come home because she missed us =)

Yesterday Brian and I were both off from work, so we decided to head to the ocean for the day.  I love that we live close enough that we can head there quite often.

We actually got there when it was low tide, so we decided to look for seashells.  

Just after this picture was taken, Alyx fell and was covered in mud! Ha! =)

We went to the top of Cadillac Mountain and had a picnic lunch.

After lunch the tide had come up so the girls were able to get into the water.  It was kind of cold, but not too bad!

We love this beach area

We searched and searched for seashells and seaglass, but this is really all we got this trip.

After swimming in the ocean, we went to where we own our timeshare and used the pool there.  I wish it was an outdoor pool, but it's not.  Oh well, it's awesome in the winter for sure!

After swimming in the pool for a while, we headed home.  We stopped for pizza on the way home!
I definately see more beach days in our future!!!

Happy Wednesday Friends!


  1. Looks like a fun weekend! Alyx in that swimsuit... so adorable, and I love the color of the indoor pool! Purple!!

  2. So much fun!!
    You can't beat trips to the beach. We always look for sea shells and sea glass when we go too! But, most of the shells we find are tiny, and the sea glass is super tiny. Your shells and glass look so much bigger than what we find!
    Your picnic spot is GORGEOUS!!!