Ohhh Monday.  You are here already.  It was a super short night last night too.  I'll get into that in a bit.  But let's recap the weekend =)

Friday evening Brian didn't have to be to work until 11:00pm, so we took the girls and went out for dinner at Texas Roadhouse.  Emma absolutely loves it there.  I think it's a mix of the music/food and line dancing she likes =)

Saturday morning the girls slept in!  Woohoo!  

After we all woke up and got ready for the day we headed out to run some errands and hit up the farmers market.

I love love our Saturday market.  Emma's favorite part, the whoopie pies! We go every other Saturday, and she always just has to have one.  And she does share with Alyx =)

Brian works part time at the PD in the town my parents live in, and on Saturday he had to work up there.  I decided to drive up behind him with the girls to spend a few hours with my parents. 

Alyx quickly fell asleep in the car as you can see =)

Emma had another sewing lesson from the wonderful Mrs Linda =)  They made 2 pillowcases.  One for Emma, which was fabric from the movie "Inside Out" and one for Alyx that is "Elmo".  They came out so good!

While Emma sewed I baked 2 pies for my parents.  Lemon meringue for my dad, and Chocolate for my mom.  

Sunday morning we all slept in again.  Brian had to get up bright and early for training at the PD, so the girls and I just hung around the house.  The girls played and watched a movie, and I enjoyed coffee and some knitting.

Emma picked the colors out for this dishcloth =)  These are so simple to make and an easy project to knit while catching up on TV.

It was really chilly yesterday so, so I made a homemade pot of spaghetti sauce, and then decided to make Brians favorite honey yeast rolls.  

These rolls are seriously so so easy to make.  They are definitely time consuming, but easy!

Today lots of coffee will be consumed.  Alyx had a horrible night last night, and I have no idea why. She didn't nap at all yesterday, and she was up pretty much most of the night.  And when that happens, it makes for a very very long day at work.  Especially when you have to be up at 4:30 in the morning to get read for work. You'll be able to find me at my desk sipping on this.

I hope you all have a fabulous Monday!!


  1. I wish we had a good farmer's market around us. I've been on the hunt, but have come up empty handed for five+ years. Boo. Those whoopie pies look SO good. I'd go back every week for one of those. :)
    Holy smokes, your pies look delicious. As does that spaghetti sauce and honey yeast rolls. YUM!
    So sorry to hear Alyx had a rough night. Here's to hoping for a quick day and a night full of sleep tonight!

  2. I love the sign above Emma's bed! Super cute!! Lots of cooking and baking this weekend... go girl! Those pies look amazing! Hope you make it through today. Being up all night stinks. :(