I can't believe how close we are getting to meet our new bundle of joy!!  25 days to be exact!  Not that I am counting or anything ;)  Yesterday we had a doctor appointment.  The Ultrasound was amazing to say the least!  She wasn't active at all yesterday morning so I thought for sure we wouldn't get to see a good view of her.  However the lady that does the ultrasounds informed me that it's best when they aren't active, because then there is a good chance of waking them up.  Rather than them being all active all morning and ready to sleep!  I could have layed there all morning just watching the screen.

Check out her chubby cheeks!  It could be just the way she was positioned, but it looks like she is storing nuts in her cheeks for winter! haha =)  It was so amazing watching her on the ultrasound.  She moved around a lot and moved her arms and fingers across her face.  Amazing.  I cannot wait to see her in person.

After our appointment Brian took me out to breakfast, and then we went shopping!  We finally got her crib yesterday, which I just LOVE!  And we also bought the carseat and stroller.  It's all real now, that's for sure!  I also got a swaddler for her, which is so nice and comfy looking.  I would like to have an adult size one! HA! =)

So backing up to last weekend...I finally got some pictures downloaded from my camera.  

I am in love with fall in Maine.  I love the weather, and basically just everything about it.  Everything pumpkin.  Pumpkin coffee, cookies & muffins.  And today I scored a free pumpkin coffee from Dunkin Donuts.  Free coffee today from Noon to 5pm!  

My mother in law just stopped at our house and offered to take Emma for a few hours.  Brian is heading off to work, so that means a couple of hours to myself =)  Some relaxing is in order I Think!
Happy Friday all!! =)


  1. What a cutie!! Love the ultrasound pic! I only got a 3d one with Hannah--not with my other 2.
    And man, your leaves are pretty up there! I feel like ours are behind in the changing of color. Maybe they missed the Fall memo??? :oP

  2. That location for the pictures was BEAUTIFUL!!!

  3. I'm so excited to see what the 4d Alyx looks like!! The fall pictures are awesome, our leaves are at their peak (peek) this week. I am going to drive through the Smokey Mountains just to see them!

  4. How adorable! Can't wait to see Emma cuddling her new baby :-)

  5. Aw! Her cheeks are adorable! :-) Those fall pictures you got are amazing! I love them! And, how nice that you got a couple hours to yourself yesterday.

  6. Those cheekies do look so cute and chubby!
    What great photos you snapped. Gorgeous!