Nursery Reveal =)

For the last few months we have had a HUGE dillemma on our hands regarding the bedroom situation for when the baby arrives.  I was certain that Emma was going to be soooo excited to move her bedroom upstairs and have her own space.   Well...not so much.  So for the time being, Emma & Alyx are going to be sharing a room.  And Emma is beyond excited about this.  For the first few months Alyx will be in our room anyway.  I'm really loving how their room turned out.  We decided on a neutral color for the walls, grey.  Emma wanted something really bright and colorful, but i've assured her we can make the room bright and colorful with accessories! =)  So here is the nursery section of the room.

{click on picture to enlarge}
I'm loving the crib!  Brian and I were putting the crib together last night, only to find that one of the pieces of wood was completely broken.  I was super mad, but I ended up calling the store and they allowed me to bring just the broken piece back and they replaced it today with a new piece.  The dresser came from Brians parents camp.  It was a mess when we got it.  It was painted a really yucky green color.  It's amazing what a little paint, and new knobs can do to something!
And the canvas above the crib was a find of mine this morning at Hobby Lobby!  I wasn't sure what I wanted to put there, but came across this and fell in love with it!  The colors matched perfectly!! 
I still have some stuff on the other side of the room that I haven't finished putting away yet, so a picture of Emma's side of the room is going to have to wait for now =) 
Speaking of Emma.  She has Croup.  She has been so sick, and has only gone to school 1 day this week.  Monday.  She won't be going to school tomorrow either.  I feel so bad for her.  She's not getting much sleep either because her cough is so bad that it keeps her up at night.  Cough medicine isn't helping either.  Tomorrow i'm taking her back to the doctor to see what they have to say.  Praying it goes away very soon!
And speaking of doctors...I had a doctors appointment this morning!  Everything is still looking good.  My BP was a little high this morning, but everything else was good!  I go back on Monday for an ultrasound.  So we have 20 days until Miss Alyx makes her apperance! =)  Cannot wait!


  1. It's adorable! Love the elephants and the picture above the crib that you found!

  2. Love the grey and pink and the elephants are adorable.

  3. Love the grey and pink combo!! That elephant quilt is the cutest.
    Holy smokes - 20 days?! That time is going to F-L-Y!

  4. Nursery looks great! 20 days will fly by!
    I hope miss Emma feels better soon. It's no fun when the kiddos are sick. :o(

  5. Love the colors! I hope Miss Emma feels better soon!

  6. Perfect & gorgeous! Glad it is all done and ready for sweet baby girl. :-) Hope Emma has been feeling better this weekend; poor thing. :(