Baby Update {35 Weeks}

Due Date?  We are still at November 12, 2013 =)  C-section

How far along?  35 Weeks & 2 days!  We have 4 weeks left!!

Size of baby?  According to the app on my phone she is the size of a large cantelope still.  I would guess she is around 5 pounds now. 

Gender?  Alyx Grace...Girl =)

Weight gain?  My last appointment last week, I was at a whopping 1 pound weight gain.

Maternity Clothes?  Yes!  I totally wish I could live in a tanktop or t-shirt and sweat pants. 

Food Cravings?  Nothing new this week.  But as always...Chinese!!

Movement?  All the time still.  I love feeling her move all around, but still she kicks me sometimes and it hurts!! haha

Labor signs?  I've had some cramping, that i've chalked up as it just being cramps.  But no true labor signs!

Belly button in or out?  In

What I miss?  Sleeping.  Sleeping.  Sleeping.  I'm very much frustrated with not getting any sleep at all.  I might sleep for about 2 hours, and then i'm up for the rest of the night.  Ugghhh.  And I'm really missing wearing my wedding rings =( 

Looking forward to?  Meeting this baby girl! =)


So my husbands best friend and his wife welcomed their first baby into the world on Tuesday!  We are so excited for them, and the baby, Noah, is absolutely adorable!!!  We spent the afternoon Tuesday at the hospital waiting for him to be born =)  He's so adorable!
Brian was in heaven holding him I think!  He's sooo excited for our little peanut to get here =)


  1. 1 month to go! How exciting!!! :o)

  2. Ok, please stop giving me a heart attack---on my blog feed this post showed up as "Baby Update, 35 weeks" and then a picture of an adorable baby....I thought it was a picture of Miss A until I clicked to read the entry! LOL ;-)

    1. LOL!! I thought about that! hehe Hopefully Alyx will stay put for a few more weeks ;)

  3. I'm glad I saw this on Instagram and the warning before reading here!!! Keep on growing little Alyx!

  4. Seriously... ONLY four more weeks?! Did the time go by as fast for you as for me, haha?? {Apparently I feel like I am part of your whole pregnancy here too! ;)}