Updates & Stress

I had my followup appointment with the diabetic clinic today.  I was a little nervous, but I made out great!  No insulin for me still!  YAY!  The doctor I saw was extremely impressed with how I have been eating.  It's definitely been a change, and I would be completely lying if I said I never craved ice cream or cake or candy bars.  lol  I've learned that we can still eat out at restaurants, I just need to make healthier choices.  And I can still eat a lot of the same meals I ate before.  I just need to remember...portion control!!

So yesterday we headed out to do some school shopping for Emma.  We drove to Freeport, where all the outlets are.  It's about 2 hours away from where we live.  We hit up Carters, OshKosh, Gymboree & LL Bean.  I found more at Gymboree than anywhere else!  I wasn't in the mood to take pictures of everything we got...so here is just a few of my favs.

Okay, so neither of these are for Emma.  But I had to get something for Alyx too =)  Emma picked out the purple outfit.  She thought the two bears on the front of the onesie was "her and Alyx" =)  And Emma had her first little melt down about having a sister on the way.  Every store we went into I looked at the infant stuff as well.  Emma came up to me at Gymboree and said, "Alright, we are suppose to be school shopping for me.  Enough looking at stuff for Alyx." LOL  She was too funny =)

I love love love the hopscotch shirt!  

And this dress was Emma's pick at Gymboree.  I think it's really cute too! 

Emma in front of the Bean boot at LL Bean

Inside the bubble of the fish tank.  She was pretending she was swimming in there! 

And for supper we stopped at Red Robin!  I so wish there were one of these closer to us.  So good!

So yesterday was a good day.  And guess what I did on our drive down there?  Called all the local area daycares around us.  I am beyond stressed out about daycare for Alyx when I return to work after my maternity leave with her.  I didn't have to worry about this with Emma because my inlaws took care of her for us since we both worked nights.  However, starting in January i'm finally going to be working days!!  My mother in law works during the day, so unfortunately I have to find someone for Alyx.  I have called at least 10 different places.  None of them are available.  I prefer an in home daycare rather than a big daycare center.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed that something will turn up.  It has to!  

Emma has just a little under a week left of summer vacation.  She goes back to school on September 3rd. This summer sure did fly by, and i'm going to miss spending all day long with her.  I know she is anxious to get back to school though and see all her friends.  And she is beyond excited about her teacher this year too!  Her teacher sent a letter to Emma, and at the end she put that she knows a lot of people in her family and she cannot wait to meet Emma!  Emma got a huge smile on her face when she read that =)  I think she's going to have an excellent school year =)


  1. Girls clothing is just so cute!!!
    And, yay for no insulin!!

  2. Cute! Raya has that same Gymboree dog dress! We bought it at the retail store last year but it ran really big, so we had to save it for this year :-)

    Hope you find daycare soon! That is such a headache...I was so glad we ended up finding someone who Lee kinda knew through work, because I was confused about how to even go about picking a good place otherwise!

  3. You found some really cute outfits! I hope you find a really good sitter for Alyx! Or maybe you have by now? I am behind on all my blog reading.