Baby Update {27 weeks, 4 days}

Ahhh!  It's coming along so quickly!  I have to say my pregnancy has gone pretty quickly so far.  We still have SO MUCH TO DO!!  I'll get into that after the Update though.  So here you go!

Due Date?  November 14th =)  C-section again

How Far Along?  27 weeks & 4 days.  Finally hit the 3rd trimester!  Wahoo! 

Size of baby?  At my appointment today they said she is about 2pounds 4 ounces =)

Weight Gain?  We are at -15 pounds.  Yup still losing weight.  But I have changed my diet so much, and i'm still healthy so the doctor isn't concerned about that at all. 

Maternity Clothes?  Oh yes!  Very much so!

Movement?  This is crazy, she moves all the time!

Food Cravings?  I haven't really had any cravings, however i'm really really really craving chinese right now.  And unfortunately I can't have it.  We had it a little over a week ago and my blood sugar went sky high after eating just a small portion of it.  So that is definately off limits until Alyx is born.

Gender?  Girl!  Alyx Grace =)

Labor Signs?  None! 

Belly Button In or Out?  In

What I miss?  I'm still sticking to my original answer....sleeping on my stomach!!  And I miss chinese food too I guess you could say =)  Haha

Looking forward to?  Meeting Miss Alyx in 12 weeks!

I had my 27 week appointment this morning, and everything looked great!  I had an ultrasound first, and the little bugger wouldn't move again!!  She was in a terrible terrible position, all curled up in a ball and just wouldn't move.  She was a little concerned at first about what looked like a lack of fluid levels, but then said it's because of the position she was in.  I go back again in 2 weeks, for a nurses visit.  Just to have my blood pressure taken, weight, and a urine test.  They are only doing that because it was about this time last time around with Emma that my pregnancy went downhill fast and I ended up delivering her so early.  So they are just being safe at this point.  My blood pressure was great today! 

So back to, everything we need to do.  Yeah, to say the least i'm starting to get stressed out.  We still need to move Emma upstairs into her new room. Paint Emma's old room and make it into Alyx's nursery.  Buy a new crib, since Emma's crib turned into a fullsize bed.  We need a new carseat since Emma's has expired! lol  So we have a lot to do yet.  I know it will all eventually get done...but i'm stressed! =)

We had a very eventful weekend.  We were at my parents on Saturday.  We took Emma to the lake, and I have a TON of pictures, but not on this computer, so that post will have to wait.  Brian had to work Saturday night, and Sunday we headed to a friends house on a lake and went boating.  So I will leave you with one picture.  Yes just one.  More next time I promise =)


  1. Yay, glad baby is still looking great---can't believe you are in the 3rd trimester already!

  2. So happy everything is going well with Alyx! I can't believe there are only 12 weeks left!

  3. I know this is so easy for me to say, but your pregnancy seems to be flying by!

  4. I know I've been absent from the blog world for a while, but dang, it seems like it's going fast! I can't wait to see your pictures of Miss Alyx!