Baby Update {29 Weeks}

It's that time again!  We're at 29 weeks =)  I can't get over how much different this pregnancy is than my pregnancy with Emma.  I have a nurses visit next week just to check my blood pressure, weight and urine.  My blood pressure hasn't been too bad, but then again being on the bp meds has helped.  So here is my update for this week!!

Due Date? November 14th...C-section

How Far Along?  29 Weeks today!!  And feeling really good =)

Size of baby?  According to an app on my phone, Alyx is the size of a small cabbage at this point and weighing in at about 2.9 pounds!!  Almost 3 pounds =)  That's a huge deal for me seeing as though Emma was born at 3 pounds 2 ounces.  Hopefully Alyx will be bigger!

Weight Gain?  Still losing.  I had an appointment the other day for my GD, and I was down another pound.  So still no gaining.

Maternity Clothes?  Oh yes!  Brian took me shopping last week for some new clothes =)  It was fun, but expensive. Oh well, he told me I was worth it! haha =) 

Movement?  All.The.Time.  Man oh Man!  I love it though =)  Emma LOVES being able to feel Alyx kick and move.  She gets the biggest kick out of it =)

Food Cravings?  I'm craving Chinese still.  Soooo badly.  But I will wait until after she is born.  I have told Brian the day that we bring Alyx home from the hospital, that we will be ordering take out from my favorite chinese restaurant =)

Gender?  All Pink!  Alyx Grace

Labor Signs?  None at all.  Lets keep it this way too!

Belly button in or out?  In!

What I miss?  Still sleeping on my stomach.  And being able to sleep all night.  I can't remember the last time I had a full, complete, nights sleep.  I have the hardest time getting comfortable.  And it seems like just as i'm nice and comfy...I either have to get up to use the bathroom or my hand has fallen asleep.  Apperantly the hands falling asleep thing is a pregnancy issue?  Who knew! 

Looking forward to?  Getting through the next 11 weeks, and finally getting to meet Miss Alyx =)  I keep having dreams, and cannot wait to see what this baby girl looks like!!

We still have so much to do before she arrives though.  I'm really really starting to get stressed about it.  We are moving Emma's room upstairs, and her bedroom will become Alyx's.  We still have to paint, get a new crib, buy all the new bedding for the crib.  Oh my list could go on and on.

So last night my mother called and asked if it was ok if she took Emma for the day.  They went on a little adventure to the coast of Maine.  Here are some pictures she posted on facebook =)

They went to lunch and Emma had Maine clam chowder!  Yumm!!
 Emma even got a little culture on her trip.  They went to the Farnsworth Art Museum.  I wasn't too sure Emma would like it, but my mother said she did.  My mother has a couple of Andrew Weyeth prints, and Emma recognized those being there.  So i'm glad she enjoyed it =) 
That's all for today.  One more day of work after tonight, then i'm off for the weekend!  Yay! =)


  1. Eleven weeks sounds like such a short amount of time!
    Maine looks so gorgeous! I want to visit so bad. Looks like Emma had an awesome time with her grandma!!

  2. Fun!

    And I agree, 11 weeks doesn't sound like long at all...yay!

  3. I can't believe you are almost to 30 weeks! YAY! And, yay for an almost 3-pound BABY!!!!