I feel like I have so much to blog about...yet I can't remember hardly anything!  Last week we took Emma to Mt. Katahdin to go swimming at a place called Togue Pond.  She had a b.l.a.s.t!  The water was warm, clean, and sandy! 

On our drive there.  I was fortunate to grow up in a beautiful area!
Emma was not impressed in this photo..at all!  I wanted her to sit up on the rock with Brian and I was going to take their picture.  She would not have it!  There was no way she was climbing up the back of this rock!


Emma is such a fish!  She could swim and swim and swim all day long if we let her.  We headed back to my parents house after her swim and hung out there.  My mom made us a great meal, and Emma and I ended the night by watching gymnastics on tv =) 
Yesterday I went shopping for myself!  Usually i'm shopping for Emma or Brian...but this time it was all about me!  And it was nice because Brian went with me and helped me pick out some new maternity clothes =)  Although cashing out at the register was slightly depressing.  2 pairs of maternity jeans, and shirt that was on sale cost me just short of $100.  Crazy!  But it was worth it, and I Love my new jeans from Motherhood maternity!
After shopping we took Emma to see Disney's Planes in 3D.  I highly recommend it!  She loved it.  There was a little boy in the theatre that was so funny!  The main "plane" in the movie's name is Dusty.  He kept yelling, "Go Dusty Go!"  It was so funny, Brian and I kept laughing =)
Now I have to brag just a little ;)  I made a beef stew last night and let it cook in the crockpot all night, and then all morning.  And it was the best beef stew ever.  I kinda had a cheat day today, so I was able to eat it! 
And I have a new obsession.  These.

I am obsessed with buying these headbands! A couple of them I got local, and the others I ordered off Etsy.  Every day there seems to be a package at the door for something for Alyx, and Brian just rolls his eyes, haha.
Since I can't seem to think of anything else to write about tonight, I suppose i'll go back to watching HGTV, House Hunters and watch how unbelievably picky some people are! haha
Happy Weekend!!


  1. One day I will visit Maine! Preferrably in the Fall! So beautiful! And love the headbands! It is so hard not knowing the sex because if I knew we were having a girl I would be going headband crazy! I never put headbands on Hannah as a baby really so I think the chance to do it is what has me secretly hoping this one is a girl! :oP

    1. Well if you come to Maine, you must visit! =) Fall is definitely the most beautiful season here too. I never put headbands on Emma either...but this time around, i'm all about the headbands! =)

  2. Fun!

    Love all the headbands! I always enjoyed the headbands while I could b/c then around 4 months when they could start grabbing them it all went downhill lol...thankfully I can do headbands again now that they are older! My father-in-law always hated it though...every time he'd see the girls in a headband as a baby he'd freak out and say I was causing brain damage b/c they were too tight or something haha ;-P

    1. LOL, your father in law sounds like my mother! I showed my mother the headbands today, and I got a ughhh from her. I was like, you don't like these? And her response was that she's positive they hurt kids heads! LOL

  3. haha Shawna's father in law sounds like my hubby and mother in law. everytime we would see my MIL she would always take the headbands off the girls! I've been lucky with Kendall, she's never tried pulling her headbands off. The headbands are cute and I'm obsessed with them too.
    I love HGTV and people can be so picky! hehe

    1. That's too funny! =) I love the headbands though =)

  4. You grew up in a gorgeous area, wow!

    And yay for all the new things for Alyx! I love baby girls with big flowers on their heads. :-)

    Your beef stew sounds amazing!

  5. It is SO pretty where you live!!!

    The headbands are adorable.

    And, some of those house hunters drive me nuts with all their nit-picking.