Wednesday =)

It's Wednesday!  The middle of the week, and it's just the start of my work week.  But a plus is that I have the weekend off, and it is suppose to be beautiful out!  And we have tickets to bring Emma to the Circus.  First time she has been, so i'm hoping it's good!

Last night Emma's school did a Science Fair.  I was kinda not excited to go to it, but it turned out to be a lot of fun for the kids.  They had a ton of activities for all the kids to do.  Emma had a blast!

This was a bubble thing they did using a hula hoop.  I didn't get a very good picture, but they brought the bubble all the way around her, she thought it was pretty awesome!
They also had this mixture done up in a little kiddie pool of cornstarch, water and something else.  And the kids were running on top of it.  If you stopped though you would sink.  Emma liked it, but it was kinda messy! 

We went out for dinner last night at one of our fav local restaurants, and had Me and Emma's very favorite dessert...Creme Brulee!  Yumm-O!

I have to share this next photo for one reason.  I was bring Emma to school this morning and took this photo of her.

Check out the armrest of her booster seat.  It's Chocolate! YUCK!  I had given her a peppermint pattie yesterday.  But little did I know she didn't have a napkin to wipe her grubby little paws on, so she wipped them on her carseat.  To say the least we had a discussion about where we wipe our hands.  LOL 

That's about all I have to share for today.  I must say, that i'm still feeling really good since being on my meds!  I'm hoping and praying it stays this way =)


  1. The Science Fair sounds fun!
    Can't wait to hear how the circus experience is for Emma.

  2. The science fair sounds pretty fun and how cool to get put into a bubble. My girls would be in heaven if that happened to them. Both my girls wipe their grubby little hands on anything and everything

  3. Have fun at the Circus! We've never been to one either, but it sounds fun!

    My girls were able to get inside a bubble like that when we visited the Children's Museum in St. Louis---it's neat!

  4. The science event sounds like it was fun! The running across the water sounds interesting.

    I have never had creme brûlée. I wonder if I'd like it; will have to try it when we are out sometime.

    Ugh! Isn't that frustrating when they wipe their dirty hands all over things like that. The other day when we were sitting at the table eating, R wiped her hands across the front of her shirt. I grabbed a napkin as I had a little talk about the same thing you did with Emma. :)

  5. Such a cute picture of Emma....sounds like the science fair was a hit. Have a good day!

  6. Fun stuff, well minus the chocolate mess!