Day Trip!

We got to leave town for the morning/afternoon, and it was so nice to get away for a few hours!  We got up early this morning and drove to Bar Harbor.  It's only about an hour away.  Our plan was to take Emma mini golfing.  That plan fell through because the temps were too low and we didn't really want to stand outside golfing and freeze.  So instead we went to downtown Bar Harbor and had lunch at a cool little restaurant called Geddy's. 

This was the best I could get for a picture of Emma.  She refused to smile normal! Ha!  She had fish n' chips and she thought it was really cool because her plate was actually a Frisbee.  And she got to take it home.  After lunch we took a walk around the beach on the ocean.  At this point I think it would have been warmer to go mini golfing rather than walking around the ocean area.  It was F-R-E-E-Z-I-N-G!  But we survived!!
I don't think she could have stood any straighter! haha
The restaurant we at ate.  It's really unique inside, old license plates from all over the country hanging up and other neat things.  Lots of stuff to look at while you eat!
The last picture is one that I took from my phone, and it turned out to be my most favorite from the day!  Emma loves digging around looking for shells and sea glass.  We didn't find too much today, a few shells and a couple of pieces of sea glass and that's it.  We didn't stay as long as we wanted because the tide was coming in, and well we didn't want to get swept out to sea! haha 
Tonight we are just going to lay low.  Maybe make a homemade pizza for supper.  Brian has a meeting at work tonight and then we'll probably just watch a movie.  I love when Emma is on school vacation because she can stay up a little later and the best part...we can all sleep in in the morning! =)