Weekend Recap

Everyone have a good weekend?  We had some pretty good weather here!  Friday was goregous!  We spent the morning at home just hanging out and doing some cleaning.  My inlaws took all the grandkids to McDonalds for lunch so they could play in the playplace and what not.  Brian and I stayed home and had some pretty darn good ham sandwiches made by little ole' me.  Ha! =)  And to be honest, yes it was goregous out, but we had a really hard time leaving the house because we were addicted to watching the news.  With everything that was happening in and around Boston, it was just hard to leave the tv.  Eventually we did head outside and enjoyed the weather at my inlaws.  The girls had a blast riding their bikes and playing catch in the yard.  Then of course it was time to come inside for a break....

A watermelon break of course!!  This picture cracks me up, because Em's expression is just a riot.  Her eyes are huge, and that's definately a fake smile =)

So now i've got ahead of myself, let me back up to Thursday night.  We were busy all evening after our trip to Bar Harbor.  Brian had a meeting and that didn't get over until almost 6:30.  Then we went grocery shopping.  Came home, put stuff away, and all that jazz.  At 9:00 Emma said, "you know we never ate supper".  Whooopss!  And yes, she was up that late too.  So we made homemade pizzas.  Hey, she's on school vacation, she can stay up late and eat a later supper right?!?!

They were soooo good.  On the left we had red marinara sauce, mozzerella & feta cheese, spinach, onions and kalmata olives.  And the right is Emma's favorite, Ranch chicken pizza. 

Friday night again I was glued to the tv still watching the Boston happenings.  I was soooo glad to see that they finally got the suspect #2.  And it was pretty neat to watch the people in Watertown, MA lining the streets and cheering for all the law enforcement officers driving down the street.  Kinda gave me chills. 

Saturday was a crappy day, rain, rain, rain.  We didn't do a whole lot.  Watched a couple of movies, had a tea party and played.  I was suppose to work, but I ended up having to take a vacation day.  My brother in law had organized a benefit magic/comedy show for his fire department he works for, and my entire family was going.  Well since I work until 2am, it was kinda hard to find a babysitter for Emma.  So why not, I took the day off and got to spend the whole day with Emma.  Didn't hurt my feelings at all =)  And today, well i'm at work.  But I can't complain, cause after tonight...2 more days off for me!

Since Brian and I are both off tomorrow night, and it's suppose to be really nice again, I want to cook a really good dinner.  On the grill.  So my question for all of you.  What are some really good recipes you all do on the grill?  I know we are going to do grilled asparagus, so i'm looking for the Main part of the meal.  Chicken, steak, seafood.  Anything.  Share your recipes with me!  Please =) 


  1. We love chicken breast marinated in Jack Daniels marinate. They have the bags with the marinate already in it so all you have to is put in the chicken and let it sit in the fridge. It is yummy!

  2. Sounds like a great weekend!

    No recipes here---we pretty much stick to basics on the grill---just chicken breasts, hamburgers, or brats usually lol

  3. Oooh, watermelon, that sounds so good. I craved that when I was pregnant. Any cravings now that you're feeling better?
    As a husband who has worked in law enforcement for 9 years we were both so happy to see how well those in Boston were received. Yay for the good guys!
    We LOVE kabobs on the grill. You can marinate your meats in about anything for a variety of flavors, and grilled veggies are the best. It's easy, and a nice little switch up from the regular grilling.