I'm still here =)

Oh yes, i'm still here.  And I haven't blogged in a while.  Reason for this?  I have been sick sick sick.  The morning sickness, afternoon sickness and night sickness has set in.  I finally broke down today and called my doctor and they have put my on an anti-nausea med.  I'm praying that this works.  I even had to miss 2 days of work this week because well, I just couldn't get out of bed.  I'm really hoping that this will pass soon!

Other than that not much else has been going on around here.  Emma tested out in her gymnastics class the other day.  She is staying in the same level that she is currently in.  She was a little disappointed, but I told her it's just going to make her that much better! =)

We haven't done much of anything lately.  Emma is on school vacation next week and i'm hoping we will be able to do a day trip somewhere.  If the weather would cooperate it would be nice to go to the ocean for an afternoon.  But we'll have to see seeing as though the weather forecast is calling for 4 inches of snow tonight.  Seriously?  It's April 11th.  The white stuff can leave anytime now =)

Unfortunately that is about all I have for now.  Hopefully i'll get back to blogging regularly very soon!! =)