Weekend is Over =(

It's Sunday already.  Seriously where did the weekend go??  Back to work tomorrow.  My schedule at work changed just a tad.  Last year meaning 2012 I worked every Monday.  This year in 2013 i'm going to be working every Wednesday.  Really not a huge difference.  Emma started back up with gymnastics last week!  She had only been once since we have been back from Florida.  It was a really long break from it, and she missed it sooo much!  She's have it 3 times this week.  Private lesson tomorrow and then regular class lessons on Wednesday and Friday.  I'll be sure to take pictures during the Friday class =) 

I went home to my parents yesterday.  It was my moms Birthday =)  She is currently obsessed with ice skates.  Her house is all decked out in ice skate stuff.  It's actually quite cute.  So for her birthday, I found someone that paints and had them paint a real ice skate with a snowman on it.  I love how it turned out, and she loved it too!  I also ordered her a ton of lotions from Bath & Body Works.  They were having a huge online sale for the lotions that they had discontinued and I got them for only $4.00 a bottle! 

Today before Emma and I headed back home, we stopped at my cousins house for a bit.  Emma loves to see her kids, and unfortunately we just don't get together nearly enough as we should!  She just loves her little cousins Madison & Owen =)  Owen wasn't really in the mood today for pictures, so his dad lifted him behind the couch and he definately thought that was funny =)

So now, on a side note.  It's not Sunday anymore.  It's Tuesday.  I have not been able to upload any photos onto Blogger since Sunday.  There was absolutely no button for uploading.  Like it was missing or something.  Shawna from Girls Just Wanna Have Fun had posted about this last week too.  I guess if you upload through Picasa you can do it....But I have also found using Mozilla Firefox it will allow you to upload.  But you can't with Internet Explorer.  The blogger people say they are working on it...but it's still not fixed.  Sooo I don't know!  haha

Also...i'm having a Thirty-One party!  I'm going to do a separate post on this though so stay tuned!!!


  1. I have found that Internet Explorer and Blogger don't get along very well. It used to frustrate me to no end! However, now I use Google Chrome as my browser and I rarely have issues with Blogger anymore! I actually like Google Chrome better in just about every way.

  2. Super cute pic! I recognize that Gymboree giraffe shirt--too cute! :-)

    1. I love the giraffe stuff they have right now =) My mom got Emma some super cute Gymboree clothes for Christmas =)