Our week...So far =)

Over the last few days I have found that I don't cook anymore!  We have eaten out so much lately that is just absolutely ridiculous!  Monday night Brian and I were both off, we were out shopping that evening and realized it was getting late and we had not eaten dinner yet.  So we went to Applebees.  Emma was absolutely crazy there!  Not bad, just in a really silly mood.  But she had us laughing hysterically!  The waitress must have thought we were crazy!

This kid can cross her eyes really well!  haha =)

Tuesday, Brian and I went out shopping in the morning with his mom.  I got some really awesome deals!  Check out this one!

I got 2 of these, and they were each 28 cents!  I also got a quilt throw type blanket for Emma for 98 cents!  The prices were markdown crazy!  After that we went to TJ Maxx, I have been looking for just the perfect bowl for Fruit and I found it!  After we left there it was lunch time...and guess what?  We went out for lunch. We went to a BBQ place.  This place is great.  We only have 1 bbq place around here, so it's kind of a treat to do there =) 

And they serve Sweet Tea!!!  This is the only place in our area that serves it.  I just love it! 

After we finished lunch it was time to pick Emma up at school and then head to her "private" gymnastics class.  I know she is super spoiled.  But i'm spending the money on something that she just LOVES to do.  So that doesn't bother me at all.  She did super good Tuesday in her lesson.  I'm very proud of her. 

I really need to start bringing my actual camera with me instead of relying on my cellphone. 

So after gymnastics we headed to my inlaws and picked my mother in law up to go....that's right out for Dinner!  Haha  We had given them a gift certificate for Christmas to Kobe Ninja House.  And they wanted us to come along with them when they went.  So of course, we gladly went with them!  The show these guys put on as they are cooking is great.  Emma just loves it.  And they make her laugh.  Our chef cooked the rice and then put about 2 grains of rice on her plate and told her that's all she was getting!  It was really cute, and she laughed =) 

Today I was awoken at 5:00 by a text message, followed by a phone call, followed by an immediate E-mail.  My phone was going crazy!  When I finally realized that it was my phone making those noises, I looked at it and it was Emma's school letting parents know that there was a 2 hour school delay because of icy roads.  So this morning was all messed up.  Emma has eaten school lunch all year, but this week she wanted home lunch.  So I made her lunch and then asked her where her lunch box was, which she replied..."In my cubby at school" Great place for it =)  So today I made her get school lunch and you would have thought it was the end of the world.  Oh. My.  But when she came home from school I asked what they had and they had steak sandwiches and she said it was really good, so I think she was glad she didn't have home lunch.

So that has been our week so far.  Hopefully the rest of the week is just as exciting! lol =)


  1. She really can cross her eyes well! :)

    That is so much fun that she has private lessons; I bet she is learning so much and becoming quite the little gymnast!

  2. I love eating out too, but we don't do it often, so it is always a treat. I am one of those rare women that doesn't like to cook! Neat that she takes private lessons.

  3. We ate three times last week, which is a ton for us! I hate cooking though haha, so it was awesome. When we were younger and lived right in town we ate out a lot because it was all so close. Now that we have to drive 15 minutes to get anywhere it's not nearly as tempting!

    1. we *ate out* three times haha...we just plain old eat daily ;-)

  4. Some weeks it's just easier to go out to eat. I love to cook, but the mess that can be made in the process can be exhausting.
    Looks like Emma is doing well in gymnastics!

  5. we are out again this week for flooding again. You are tired of snow, I"m tired of rain!!!

    Looks like you all have had a great week so far!

    1. As of today we have no snow left!! Yay!! But guess what we have now? Rain! Haha we are having a HUGE windstorm right now...not a huge fan of it =)