Recipe Post {Baked Chicken Parmesan}

I just have to share this new recipe that I made!  I got the recipe from Desiree @ Macke Monologues!  Definitely check out her blog, she posts a bunch of really great recipes =) 
It's called Baked Parmesan Chicken.  When I first read the recipe and saw that it called for Mayo, I was kinda like, Mayo?  On chicken?  But i'm telling you, It works!!  So here is what you need.

4 chicken breasts
1/2 cup of Hellmann's Mayo
1/4 cup of Shredded Parmesan
4 tbsp of Bread Crumbs
(I had a lot of chicken that needed to be used so I doubled the recipe)

Start off by Pre-heating your oven to 425
In a bowl combine the mayo and the shredded parmesan cheese
Put the chicken on a baking sheet or baking dish
Spread the top of the chicken with the Mayo & Parmesan mixture
And then top each chicken breast with 1 tbsp of bread crumbs.  I only had the parmesan bread crumbs on hand and they worked out awesome!

Bake for 20 minutes...and then it's DONE!  

I can't begin to tell you how simple this recipe was and how amazingly good it was!  The chicken was super moist and the flavor was really good!  I didn't get a picture of it all plated, because Brian and I both had to work so we brought it with us.  But I made squash and mashed potato to go along with it.  So if you are looking for a quick and easy dinner....this is HIGHLY recommended!  Thanks Desiree!!!
If you try this, let me know how you liked it!! =)


  1. Looks good...thanks for the recipe. I love easy!!!

  2. WOOHOO! So glad you liked it so much. I always have those particular ingredients on hand so I can throw something together on particularly busy nights.

  3. Yummy! I pinned this! Can't wait to try it soon!

  4. I cooked this tonight and it was fantastic!!! Thanks for sharing!