Mini Kitchen Renovation

Wednesday night while I was at work Brian called me and said he wanted to do a glass tile back splash in our kitchen.  Like the  very next day.  I instantly sighed I think.  It was work that I really wasn't in the mood to get into.  It always seems that when we want to do a project it ends up being a lot more involved than we had planned.   So anyway, I told him I would help.  I got out of work at 2am.  Slept for a couple of hours and got up to get Emma ready for school at 6:45.  We brought her to school and then headed to Home Depot.  Let me tell you, by 8am I was exhausted. 

So we got to Home Depot.  I found some glass tiles that I *LOVED*.  And guess what.  They didn't have enough.  They said they could order them and they would be here in a week.  But oh no.  We asked if any other stores had them.  Well they did.  At a store that was a little over an hour away.  Sooo what did we do?  We bought what they had at our local Home Depot, and then got in the car and drove an hour to the other store and bought the rest of what we needed.  Oh. My.  Word.  The way this was starting out I was sure we were doomed. 

We finally got home and went right to town starting with it.  Usually you have to grout the wall, then place the tiles on the wall, wait several hours and then grout on top of them.  The guy at Home Depot suggested these sheets of glue that you just stick to your wall and there is no mess at all!!  Let me tell you....they were AMAZING!!!  We got the glue on the walls and the tiles up within probably an hour.  And then later that night we grouted it.  It was super fast, and super easy!  We never ran into a single problem while we were doing it.  And the end results, were amazing!!!

This is the Before picture.  Pretty blah and boring.  And is the After!!
I just love it!!  My next project is new counter tops because I despise the color of the counter we have now...and then eventually a new floor =)
My mom got me the new light for the kitchen, and the Snack Jar.  I just love the snack jar!!! 
So there is your preview of our Mini Kitchen Renovation!  If you are thinking about doing a back splash...don't be scared of it like I was!! It's pretty simple =)