A Pictureless Post.....Well maybe 1 picture!

I know, I know....most of you don't like posts without pictures.  But hey, I really have none for today.  Not even a single one of Emma.  I only saw her today from 2:15 until 3:00.  An entire 45 minutes.  That's what stinks about working nights.  I was really hoping to be working days this year, but it didn't work out.  Let's hope for next year!!

So today we had a HUGE windstorm.  It was crazy.  I woke up around 4:30 this morning and could hear the wind howling.  The weather here has been soooo cold.  I got up around 9:00 and there were tree limbs everywhere, and our trash can was blowing away.  When Brian came home he told me that the roof off one of our local stores had blown off.  When I got to work about 3:45 today everyone was ready to pull out their hair!  They said it had been super busy.  We dispatch for over 80 fire/ems departments where I work, plus dispatching for police departments.  So I can only imagine how busy they were!  I must say I was glad I came to work when I did....After the storm =) haha

Brian and I have an appointment on Sunday morning with the Timeshare people!  Eeekk!!  I'm really excited!  I will definitely bring my camera while we are there.  It's a really nice place and it's right on the ocean.  But we really don't have a lot of intentions of staying there much.  We plan to trade the timeshare to other places.  Like Disney =)  Once all the paperwork is completed and all that good stuff, then i'll post more about it =)  So here is a picture I found online of the place we are going =)

And It's Superbowl Sunday this weekend!  What is everyone's plans??  We are probably going to my inlaws to watch the game and have some yummy snacks!!


  1. As no team that I follow is playing in the Super Bowl, I doubt we will watch it. Maybe tune in for the commercials. lol The timeshare looks very nice. Enjoy your weekend.

  2. I love that I did a pictureless post and see that you did too! I can't wait to hear about this timeshare thing. I want to know if it is worth it. My in-laws have a points system they use, but I would love to have something we could use and spend in different places!!