We have arrived!

That's right!  We are finally in Florida!  We left Portland yesterday morning around 8ish.  Flew to Charlotte, NC, and then from Charlotte we flew to Orlando.  I really dislike flying.  Like absolutely hate it.  But I surrived and the flights weren't bad at all! 

We got to Orlando at 1:30, got our rental van, and headed to our resort.  The place we are staying at is soooo beautiful!  Brians parents own a time share, and we got lucky and got our very own suite!  Bedroom with a huge jetted tub, walk in shower, living room and kitchen!  Emma thinks this place is pretty cool too =)

We had a really nice dinner last night, and then we headed to Downtown Disney.  Emma picked out a new stuffed animal....she went with Bambi =)  And then she finally got to meet Santa!!  I'm only going to share one picture for now because the internet is really spotty down here.  But i'll be sure to post more later =)

Okay.....One more picture =)
The Christmas decorations down here are just beautiful! =)


  1. Super cut epic of Emma and Santa. Have a great time!!

  2. So jealous!! Which timeshare resort? Clinton's parents have one with BlueGreen, and we may be staying there in May!!

    Love Emma's pose! Too cute!

  3. Aww... so glad you guys got there safe! Love the pictures; can't wait to see more.

    Have a great time!

  4. Have fun!! The Christmas lights would be just awesome to see!