Almost Christmas!

We're almost there friends!  4 days until the big day.  I'm trying to focus more on family and less on gifts this year.  It's hard because I always want to try and get just the perfect gift for everyone.  We are still doing gifts for each other, but i'm not stressing about them nearly as much this year.  And I know that the grandparents will all spoil Emma rotton!  =)

My mother in law brought Emma to school this morning, which meant Brian and I could sleep in!  Wahoo!  We slept until about 10:30, which was soooo nice!  We got up got ready and headed to the mall.  I thought the mall was going to be absolutely packed, but it wasn't bad.  It was bareable.  I got a few things for my mom =)  And if anyone needs a quick gift for anyone, I googled Yankee Candle coupons and found one for $20 off a purchase of $45 or more!  They expire on the 24th, and it's definately worth it!  Google for them!
Then the hubby treated me to Chinese for lunch!!!

Our sweet friends who live in Georgia sent Emma a Christmas package in the mail.  It came today and they told us to open it today.  Emma was definately happy about that!  She got the CUTEST sweatshirt!  My friend does a lot of embrodiary and this sweatshirt is perfect for the Holidays!  I took a quick picture of Emma in it.  She wasn't in the mood for pictures because she was on her way to have a flu shot.... =(

Isn't it cute!!!  Poor Emma had to fake the smile big time.  She wasn't looking forward to having a shot at all.  But Brian said she did really well!!  Tonight I am working, and she and Brian are going out for some shopping and dinner.  They will have a blast i'm sure!!

So i'm trying to find different stuff to make for Christmas Eve and Day this year.  So here are a couple of things that i'm going to make!!


This is the Pioneer Womans layered salad!  It looks soooo good, but yet Simple!  If you click on the picture it will bring you to the recipe.

Another thing I want to make is Slow Cooker Chocolate Candy.  It sounds super good!  I saw it the other day while watching Tricia Yearwoods show on Food Network. 

                                                         Click the picture for the recipe =)

This is my last night of work then I have 4 days off.  I'm ready to spend some time with family cooking, listening to Christmas music and relaxing!!! =)


  1. Cute sweatshirt--love the forced smile! lol. Have a wonderful Christmas!!

  2. Cute sweatshirt.
    Have a very merry Christmas

  3. This year the little guy is only opening three things from us. He's more interested in the wrapping and boxes anyway. I don't think he'll ever remember the year he receive three gifts.
    And, that salad looks phenom!

  4. Love that sweatshirt! Lucky girl to get such a cute thing in the mail!

  5. Great shirt! Let me know how the food turns out!

  6. That was sweet of your friends to send that Christmas package to Emma.

    Enjoy your days off! I hope you guys have a great Christmas!

  7. Love the shirt!! Sounds like you and I have similar tastes in Food Network shows! ;)