6 Days!

Can you seriously believe that Christmas is going to be here in 6 days??  It really snuck up on us this year.  I think partially because we were getting ready for our Disney trip, it just doesn't seem like there was enough time to get ready for everything this year.  Every year we decorate the outside of our house with lights.  This year we didn't.  And it wasn't because we didn't want to, we just ran out of time.  Well every time we go by a house that has lights on Emma would tell us how sad she was that we didn't have outdoor lights this year!  Brian and I were at Target last night and all their Christmas lights were 30% off.  Score!  We picked up a bunch and while Emma was at school today...we decorated outside!  She was pretty excited when she got home from school! =)

The entire time Brian was up on the ladder I was pretty much freaking out! haha  I think he was starting to get mad at me because I kept asking him if he was ok or if he felt like he was going to fall.  lol  Anyway...the lights got up and nobody fell! =)
It was soooo cold here today and snowing quite a bit so I talked Brian into going to lunch for sandwiches and soup =) 
A fellow blogger, Chelley at Anything But Grey, blogged about some homamade Cinnamon Ornaments today.  I had to make them with Emma!  So after school we made them!  I didn't take pictures of the step by step process...so if you want to see those photos, check out Chelley's blog =)  But here is the recipe:
Mix Together
1/4 cup of Applesauce
1 cup of Cinnamon
1/2 cup craft glue (I used Elmers craft glue)
Mix it all together and then let it sit for an hour.
After an hour roll it out with a rolling pin, and then cut out ornaments.  Place on a cookie sheet and bake at 200 degrees for 2 hours.  And this is what you get:
They smell SOOOOOO good!  I can't wait to get some ribbon and hang them on the tree!  I used a plastic straw to make the holes in them before baking them!  It's definately a fun thing to do with kids! 

So here are some pictures I took tonight after we got the lights up on the house!
We have always done icicle lights on the front of the house, so this year the clear bulb lights are different and I think I like them!!
I guess i'll share a few more pictures of the inside decorations!
I love our tree!  Although the picture makes the lights look really quite funky.  They are just normal regular colored lights, not even led lights. ha!
This picture is real.  The vacum cleaner on the left hand side of the fireplace.  Emma sitting in the recliner...eating supper.  Nooo I would never let hear eat dinner in the living room =)
And here is my most favorite Christmas decoration in the entire house...

Emma made this in her Pre-K class, and I just absolutely LOVE it!  They made it on fabric and I immediately had it framed.  It definately means a lot =)
So lets back up to last night.  We finally built our gingerbread house!

Didn't we do an awesome job!! Haha  We woke up this morning and the entire thing had collapsed!  Emma asked me why I took the top off.  I had to kinda laugh and then tell her that it fell apart.  She wasn't too happy!!!
Tonight Brian is working, so Emma and I are going to snuggle up in the living room and watch Christmas movies!  Looks like there are all kinds of good Christmas movies on tonight =) 


  1. Your lights look great! The cinnamon ornaments sound like fun. I might have to make those with the little man when he's a little older.

    1. They were fun, and they smell sooo good hanging on the tree now! =)

  2. I'll have to make the cinnamon ornaments next year. I bet they smell awesome!
    Love all your decorations.

  3. I need to make those ornaments next year! I remember we had some when I was little and they did smell sooo good!

    Love all your decorations--Emma's handprint wreath is adorable

  4. Your ornaments turned out GREAT! I love the Mickey one :-). I think I need to reproduce that handprint wreath . . . next year, haha!

  5. Love the Christmas lights. We have white ones up as well!

  6. Your decorations are beautiful! I've never gotten around to taking any pictures of ours :/!! Another thing to add to my list!! Those ornaments sound fun to make, but I don't really like the smell of cinnamon. I know, I know, I'm a weirdo!