I'm baccckkk!!

I'm back!!  We had a wonderful vacation!  I can't even begin to tell you all how amazing Disney is at Christmas time.  Disney definately knows how to do it up that's for sure!!  So I posted about our frist day there, and how we went to Downtown Disney that night.  The next day we just went around the area, did a little shopping and then we headed to Disney's Grand Floridian Resort.  I have always wanted to go here.  I have seen on TV a million times about the life size ginerbread house they have this time of the year, and since we were going to be there....we HAD to go and see it!! 

This is the lobby when you first walk in.  Beautiful right?  I'd love to stay here sometime!!

This is the ginerbread house!  It is simply amazing!  They were passing around homemade gingerbread too!  There were people inside selling gingerbread cookies and houses.  Emma thought this was pretty cool =)
Emma and "Pop" =)
They had a place outside where they were roasting chestnuts...I found that I don't like them at all! haha
After we left there, we went over to Celebration, Florida.  It's a town that Disney built.  It's so awesome there!  They were gearing up for a christmas concert with a bunch of Disney Channel performers.  I know Emma would have loved to have seen them!
Later that evening after dinner we headed to Disney's Boardwalk.  If any of you plan on doing a Disney trip, this is a MUST!  It's a group of about 5 resorts, and they are on a boardwalk with a lake in the middle.  It's a great walk.  They have tons of great shops, bakeries, restarants etc.  And they have tons of great performers on the boardwalk itself.  We had a great time watching a magician.  He was really good!!
So this was the end of our first full day!  Stay tuned for the next day which was Sunday!!


  1. Welcome back. I'm glad to hear you had a great time. Loving all the pics. That gingerbread house is amazing!!

  2. Welcome back! Looks like a fabulous trip! I cannot wait to take my little munchkin to Disney when he's old enough.

  3. Just caught up on all your posts!! Looks like a great time. Loved all the pictures!!

  4. What amazing pictures!! I can't wait to got there!