I woke up this morning to everything being ice covered.  Snow is one thing.  But ice.  Not a fan.  My driveway was slippery, my car was covered in ice.  It can go away now.  Anytime! haha  I just keep telling myself...5 more days and we'll be in Florida.  Gosh I hope the weather is nice there!! 

My mother in law kept Emma last night along with my oldest niece.  Emma said they had so much fun.  It was the first time they slept in the "spare" room at my in laws.  They got up this morning and made cinnamon rolls and then made homemade chocolate chip cookies!  Yumm! 

On Friday, in Emma's school folder that she brings home every day there was a letter from her teacher saying she was picked to be the Star Student for the week!  She was sooooo excited about this!  I was kinda disapointed because it's a whole week long event, and the teacher knows she isn't going to be there all week because of our trip.  But oh well, we'll make the best of it!  So she had to write a book about herself, and she has to bring in her favorite toy, awards, pictures and any other memoribilia that is special to her.  She wrote the book.  And now she is currently emptying her entire room bringing it into the living room and telling us how special everything is to her and that she wants to bring it all to school.  LOL  We're trying to narrow it down to just a *couple* of things!  So she also gets to choose a friend to eat lunch in the classroom with the teacher!  She's pretty excited about that too! 

For lunch today Emma wanted grilled cheese sandwiches.  I think she could eat them  She asked if she could help make them, and I told her yes.  She asked if she could even use the stove.  I wasn't too sure about that part but I let her use it a little.

She was pretty proud of herself for making the grilled cheese!  Nothing better for lunch on a cold Sunday afternoon than a hot sandwich, chips and chocolate milk!  Yumm! 
Now we're hanging out watching the New England Patriots, and I have to work tonight.  Ugghh.  That's how I feel about that today.  I work tonight and then tomorrow and then I am officially on vacation for 13 days =)