Summer Olympics

Emma has been so pumped to see the Olympics!  And honestly so have I!  She is so much into gymnastis right now, and she is really excited to watch them on TV.  Brian had to work tonight so it was just Emma and I home to watch them.  Before the opening ceremonies started we headed into town to go to a few stores.  Our first stop was Joann Fabrics.  I was completely blown away when I walked in there.  All of the decorations in the front of the store were Thanksgiving decorations!  Seriously?  This is July, almost August, but still.  I love Thanksgiving and all, but it's wayyyy to early.  Next stop was AC Moore, and they had some Christmas decorations up.  Yup.  For Real.  They had fake garland, bows, and ornaments out.  I guess I don't get it.  But oh well! =)  Anywayyy...Remember making friendship bracelets when you were little?  Emma has been wanting to make them so we bought a huge bag of the string to make them.  I think she got a bag of like 30 different colors!  So we headed home, got all comfy in our pj's, and made friendship bracelets and watched the opening ceremonies!  Boy have my Friday nights changed since Emma came along!  But I wouldn't change a single thing! 

She tried and tried to stay awake to watch them light the "big flame" as she called it.  And she made it!  Almost to midnight!  But hey, it's summer vacation and it's not like the Olympics come around every year.  Just minutes after the opening ceremonies ended this is what I saw...

Those two are best buds that's for sure! 

We've had a good couple of days.  Tomorrow I go back to work =(   And the fair is in town so we plan on taking Emma to it one of these days coming up! 

Yesterday I finally got my new car!!!!  I'm sooooo excited about it.  We did a lot of looking around and I finally got something that I am super happy with!!  I'll blog about that tomorrow so I can share pictures! =) 

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  1. I remember making friendship bracelets!

    That last picture is so sweet :-) Can't wait to hear about your new car!