I have to say this summer so far has been so awesome!  We have done so much and had a blast!  We have been planning this past weekend for a couple of months now.  My husbands parents have 2 camps.  One we call the "hunting" camp.  It's in the middle of the woods, with no lake.  The other is the "lake" camp.  They have only had the camp at the lake for about a year or so.  And it's definately a camp.  No electricity, no running water....and very rustic.  But it's on a lake and the lake is completely private.  I think there are only 2 other camps on this lake and you can't even see them from our camp.  We headed out there bright and early Saturday morning.  My inlaws all came, including my husbands 2 brothers, their wives, and all the girls.  No grandsons in this family!  All girls!  They all had their swimsuits on and ready to swim as soon as we got there!

Oh and how can I forget!  It's not a family trip unless ALL the dogs come too!  Our dog, pictured above, my brother in laws yellow lab, and my mother in laws daschund! 

Such crazy dogs! 

Brian going for a ride in the kayak

When Emma first got into the water she insisted on the life ring and the life jacket!  After a while she shed both of them! 

My niece Hannah rocked when it came to kayaking! 

My brother in law with my niece Lily in the kayak!


My niece Lily =)  She was such a fish in the water!

Riley (the dog) wasn't too sure about the water all day.  But all of a sudden he just went swimming out to the girls.  It was cute and funny! =)

Emma, Hannah & Haley watching Riley swim =)

My mother in laws dog, Max.  He was so funny, a dog surfing!!

My sister in law Kristy =)  All the guys went out 4-wheeling, my brother in law came back with these flowers for her.  How sweet....Brian didn't pick me any.  haha

My father in law was having a blast watching the girls swim

Hannah jumping off the boat.  She tried and tried to get Emma to join her but she wouldn't =)

I love this place.  So beautiful and peaceful.

Coming in on the boat.  Emma wasn't impressed.  Apperantly while out on the lake they hit a very small rock, and it really scared her. 

And this is Camp!  Super rustic huh?  It's fun though, even our cellphones didn't work out here.  Kind of nice though to get away from technology and stuff for a day!

The girls were sitting on the beach waiting for the sun to set.  Fireworks in Maine are now legal, so the guys had gone to the new fireworks store to get a bunch of them.  About $200.00 later they came out of the store!  They set them off over the lake and they were amazing!!!!!
However....I need to learn how to take photos of fireworks ;)

And here is my poor photo of the fireworks!  Ha!  They were really pretty! 
Emma stayed the night out there with everyone and Brian and I came back home.  There really isn't a whole lot of room out there for everyone to sleep.  She said she had a blast!!
Tonight we had a BBQ with some friends and made s'mores.  Yummmy! 

The rest of the week is suppose to be beautiful here, so we're planning to spend a lot of time outdoors!!! =)


  1. Great pics! I love the dog surfing, but my favorites I think are the scenic shots--that pink sunset photo is awesome!

  2. Love, love, loved all the pictures! Looks very peaceful!

    I used my iphone and caught a pretty decent picture of some fireworks. They are tricky to get!

    You'll have to share how when you figure it out!!!

  3. Those are beautiful pictures!!

  4. So jealous! We have a "hunting camp", but I would love a place to go to on the lake! Love your pictures!

    1. I always wondered why my in-laws had a camp that wasn't on the water, so when they finally bought this one I was pretty happy =)