Gymnastics & Park!

We all slept in today and it was great!  All 3 of us got up around 10 this morning.  We definately were all rested.  Around 11 we made eggs and sausage and we had toast from the bread we got at the farmers market.  Oh. My. Word.  Is all I have to say about the bread.  It's a garlic dill bread and it's amazing!  After we got ready for the day and headed to Emma's gymnastics class!  She only has 2 more classes of level 1 and then she moves onto level 2 next Wednesday!  She is doing soooo good!

I am super proud of how well she is doing!  She finally found something that she loves and enjoys doing!  Brian and I have so much fun watching her.  We keep telling her to work hard and maybe she will be in the Olympics someday =)

After gymnastics we came home for a bit.  I made a chili and then brought Emma to the playground at her school.  There wasn't a single person there.  We had the place to ourselves!

After the playground we headed home for some chili!  It was good, but I put wayyy too many beans in it.  I'm not a bean person at all.  But my hubby is.  So I did my best to eat around them.  Haha

Brian had to head to work tonight, so Emma and I went and did a little bit of shopping, and then we headed to another park in town so she could play on the splash pad!  She loves it!

So today was a great day, and the weather was perfect!!  Hope everyone enjoyed their day as well =)


  1. Shes so cute. When the girls get big enough I want to put them in gymnastics. Super cute pictures