Favorite Etsy Shops!

About 2 years ago I stumbled upon Etsy.  I have spent many many hours on this website and have spent lots and lots of money as well! =)  I have had a lot of people ask where I got certain shirts for Emma and etc.  So I thought I would do a post on my favorite Etsy shops =)

My most favorite Etsy shop is TheMommaFish.  I have been ordering from her for 2 years now.  She has been just amazing.  She even e-mails me now when she has an idea for a shirt for Emma! =)  I can't even tell you how many shirts/skirts I have ordered from her!  Here is some of the items I have ordered.

You definately have to check out Leslie from TheMommaFish.  I'm telling you, her quality is amazing and she is sooo awesome to work with.  She will custom make just about any shirt/skirt combo!  =) 

Another one of my favorite Etsy Shops is LoversDoversClothing.  I have ordered 2 dresses from them, and I LOVE them!  They are "costume" inspired dresses.  Emma loves to play dress up, but hates the itchy/scratchy dresses.  So for Halloween last year she wanted to be Jesse from Toy Story.  And I ordered her a Jesse dress from here =)

When we took Emma to Florida, we brought her to the Bippidy Boppidy Boutique, where she could dress like her favorite princess.  And rather than spend $100 on a dress from there that again would be itchy and scratchy I ordered her a dress that looked similiar to Belle's

We are heading back to Florida in December, and I plan on ordering her another Disney princess inspired dress from here!

I have been wanting a personalized necklace for both and Emma and I.  Something that is similar to each others.  On Etsy I came across JBExclusives

For the price of these necklaces, $24.00, the quality is excellent!  Mine says Emma on it with her birthstone.  And on Emma's hers says I love you mostest.  We say that to each other all the time, so I thought it would be special to her to have it on a necklace.  She LOVED it! =)

Another Etsy shop that I really like is a fellow blogger!!  I started following Shawna's blog quite a while ago and after reading it realized she has an Etsy Shop =)  The shop is
No Paparazzi Please.  I have only ordered one shirt from her, but Emma loved it and so did I. 

 In the very near future I plan on ordering more from her!  You can also follow her blog here at

Last year for Emma's Birthday, we went with a Zebra theme.  I looked every where for zebra invitations and couldn't find any.  I checked Etsy and found this shop, Mommie's Ink Designs.  She did awesome with Emma's invites =)

She designs them, and then sends you the file for it so you can print them yourselves or bring them somewhere to have them printed off.  I loved them and will definately be using her again this year for Emma's invites! =)

So there you have it!  My favorite Etsy shops!  You can click on any of the links and it will bring you to their Etsy shop!  I highly recommend any of them to you all.  All great quality and we love their stuff!!! =)


  1. Thes are great shops. I might have to check out the costume dress store cause kaylee wants to be Jessie for Halloween. I want to get a necklace like the one you found but I'd want it in bracelet form, so cute

  2. Thanks for the shout out ;-)

    She looked so cute as Jesse!

    1. You are welcome!!! =)
      And Thank you! =)

  3. I love all Emma's outfits! If you ever want to recycle them and sell them to a younger Emma, I know the perfect girl! :)

    I have a hard time letting go of Em's clothes and refuse to part with her personalized shirts! :)