What's Up Wednesday

Hi!  Happy Wednesday Friends =)  I'm linking up with the fabulous Mel, Shaeffer and Shay for, What's up Wednesday =)

School starts tomorrow here, and I really really need to get into a routine with dinners around here.  I feel like this is always an issue! haha  Especially now that fall sports will be starting, we are going to be busy a lot.  Crock pot meals are going to be a lifesaver for sure =)

Summer.  Even though we are still experiencing "summer" like weather, and it's technically still summer...I am already missing our lazy summer days. 

Chilly fall days will soon be among us!
 Any day that I am off from work!  Work has been crazy this summer.  Lots of being forced into work on my days off.  So any day that I have a day off...I'M LOVING!! =)

Well, work.  Ha!  I participated in a filming for a local TV show here the other day for work.  I didn't have anywhere for Emma to go that day, so she tagged along with me.  

We filmed in locations all around our city, and then we ended with pizza at UNO.  Emma was in heaven because there is a TV show that airs on Animal Planet that is called Northwoods Law.  It is all about Maine Game Wardens, and one of the stars from that show was there.  Emma was so excited because she sat with him at lunch.  

I asked her if she wanted her picture taken with him and she got all embarrassed and said no.  So I snuck this picture ;)

Getting back into the school routine.  I so so so enjoy our lazy summer days and it's going to be so hard getting up again and out the door for school for Emma.   

The final details of Emma's birthday party.  It's the first year we are doing her party somewhere other than our house.  She wanted a bowling party!! =)


Can't wait!!

I'm not currently reading anything, but I am watching this!

I may have mentioned it once or twice or maybe three times, but the show is amazing =)

We plan on spending Saturday at camp, and then Sunday we are heading to a concert.

Rascall Flatts, Kelsea Ballerini and Chris Lane.  Should be a fun time =)

 Emma turning 10 years old!!  Crazy how time goes by so fast!  Apple picking.  And getting ready for some fall fun =)

I hope you all have a GREAT Wednesday!!!


  1. I watched the first two episodes of Chesapeake Shores! I'm loving it! And that commercial looks like fun! I love the sneaky pic of miss emma!

  2. I'm getting excited about your Disney trip & I'm not even going!! It's seriously the happiest place on earth. When I was pregnant and had morning sickness, I use to close my eyes and pretend I was at Disney so my stomach would calm down. Ha!!

  3. We are thinking of having a Disney day when we go to Orlando in March. If we do, I'll be hitting you up for ideas and suggestions.

  4. How fun that Emma got to sit by someone she watches on TV!!! She is too cute! :)

  5. Oh Disney at Christmas is just the best ever. You should totally be excited! I hope y'all have a great first day tomorrow.

  6. Oh Disney at Christmas is just the best ever. You should totally be excited! I hope y'all have a great first day tomorrow.

  7. Look at you, filming shows and eating lunch with celebs!
    I'm so excited for your Disney trip! We are taking Scott this week and it will be his first time going with the kids! It's all a surprise for Mracus and I cannot wait!
    Your concert sounds like a good one!!!

  8. I can't wait for your Disney trip and then read all the recaps!!
    I love that Emma got to sit next to a celebrity ;)
    oh and you know how I love concerts!! I saw Chris Lane at a Braves Game a few years ago!! It was post game concert!! He was awesome!

  9. Disney! Yay! I'm going to have to check out that show since you love it so much.