Friday Favorites

Happy Friday Friends!! We've had a busy busy week.  I wish I were off the weekend to catch up on some sleep and relax, but I'm working =)
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We've had a super busy week.  This past weekend we visited my parents camp.  It's so beautiful there, and I wish it was closer so we were able to get there more often.

So close to the Canadian border =)

A few weeks ago I planned a night away for Brian and I.  My mom had planned to watch the girls, and then she got sick.  I thought about cancelling our reservations, but then I thought that the girls would probably have fun.  So off we went, the 4 of us =)

Our hotel was amazing.  Whenever we go back again, I would stay at this place again.

The girls LOVED the pool.  And it was heated which was a plus!

I was so excited to get up in the morning and see the sunrise over the ocean.  I even set my alarm for 4:45.  This is what I woke up to.

Fog.  No beautiful sunrise over the ocean like I had dreamed about all night. Haha =)  Oh well, I could still smell the fresh ocean air and that made me happy...until...

Alyx woke up and I noticed she had these red bumps, all over her feet, hands and inside her mouth.

I knew immediately after looking at her she had Hand/Foot/Mouth disease.  We packed up and headed home.  Sigh.  Our night away just wasn't meant to be.  But my girls are way more important.  We were lucky to get an appointment right away with her doctor as soon as we got home.  And he confirmed exactly what we thought.  Thankfully she isn't too miserable, but hopefully it goes away soon.
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  1. Oh Johannah! I am SO sorry your night away did not turn out how you hoped!!! Your hotel looked absolutely gorgeous!! I hope Alyx gets to feeling better ASAP and you get some days off work soon!! :)

  2. I hope little Alyx is feeling better today. Poor thing!!
    I was just trying to figure out what recipe I'm going to share for Wednesday. I love that linkup!!
    Have a great weekend!!

  3. Sorry to hear about your trip, though that pool looks awesome!

  4. Oh man... HFM is the worst. It's just annoying you know?