Hello Monday

Hello!  Happy Monday =)  I hope you all had a really great weekend.  We had a fairly good weekend, even though it was our weekend to work.  One of these days, I will have a job where I work Monday-Friday with all weekends and Holidays off.  One can wish right?!?  But I am very thankful for a job that I love.  

Oh, and Happy August!  Where has this summer gone?!?!  It's gone by wayyy too fast for my liking.  This month needs to slow down.  And next month Emma will be turning 10 years old.  10.  Sigh. How am I old enough to have a 10 year old? haha

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The one thing about working every other weekend is finding someone to watch the girls.  I stress about this all the time.  Usually my in-laws watch the girls those weekends, and when they can't my parents do.  However, this was one weekend that neither of them were able to.  Let the stress roll in!  However I was saved by the bell!  Alyx's god mother lives in Florida, and she just so happened to be here in Maine for the week so she offered to come and stay at our house and watch the girls =)  Seriously so sweet of her!!  

We love Tia and were so thankful to have her around this weekend =)  The girls were so excited to have her spend the night.  Even though I think they both talked her ear off the entire time she was here =)  She left Sunday morning to head back to sunny Florida.

I have a new obsession lately.

This sparkling water is seriously so good!  It has a bit of sweetness to it so it's not like the sparkling waters that are all the trend right now.  This is the only brand I had tried until this weekend when I ran into Walmart and they had a blueberry one that I will probably buy 1000 or 2 cases of =) ha!

Sorry for such a short post today.  I am about to get ready to bring Emma to her first day of the University of Maine basketball camp!  She has been so excited for this =)
Have a great Monday, Friends!